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Have a great show for you today on his motivational monday. We're going to get started with sunny. Says we're i'll let you know everything that was going on in hollywood and entertainment news over the weekend. So you guys make sure you stick around for that. Good morning barbie marlon finney. Good morning everyone yards. Call us at. See here that bobby cologne where you get your start right. We had the morning. Buzz guys and i guarantee you guys before nine. Am in spite of how feeling right now sitting j. before nine. Am your head will be buzzing this morning tuned for that. That's why we here as well. Cindy j what else do you have. Well in the nine o'clock hour. I'm going to have front page. News with cindy j. Where i'll let you know what's going on locally and nationally. You don't wanna miss that. There would be hurry out. Sports guys stay to don't go anywhere because we're here on the motivational monday. Cine rather be back in the bed. But that's another story you know like if i was relapse it would look something like this city is a fine line. Did you ever show last night. The overnight wow muster doozy. I'll tell you they lay over there recovering. I don't know was the weird situation. I let everybody know when we come back. But we'll do just don't go nowhere. cj barbie cologne. We have the a shot up. Shot out to rome here and then and then any said do the. We'll be right back. Everybody we go. We'll go to quick mercy. You awake.

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