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Thirty two of the partial government shutdown. Lisa Brady, Fox News. Senate Republicans now planning to try to advance. The president's recent proposal to end the shutdown by compromising on immigration issue. We have a humanitarian crisis along our southern border. We have a national security crisis along that border as well. He put forth a commonsense plan that used things that Democrats wanted included that in the plan, and we want to scare the government deputy White House press secretary HOGAN Gidley, but that plan includes the president's five point seven billion dollars in funding for a border wall, which Democrats still oppose. So let's hope that the president will stop holding the federal employees hostage. They provide so much of the needs of the American people house speaker Nancy Pelosi still says ending the shutdown has to come first before any negotiations on border security after more than a week on strike teachers in the nation's second largest school district could be back on the job tomorrow. Morrogh? Fox's Jessica Rosenthal. Live in L A at thirty four thousand teachers still have to vote on this deal, which has been reached with the district, but over the past several days the Union's been negotiating with the help of LA's. Mayor started down a real path to addressing class size, nurses, librarians and counselors, so many schools have gone without for so long. And now they'll have these crucial services at LA president, Alex Caputo Pearl who actually praised the district leader Austin whom he's been slamming for days saying he did a good job. Here says they really wanted the same things. It was just a matter of where to get the cash mayor. Eric Garcetti thanked the new governor in all of this Gavin Newsom for committing more money to education as most of the district's funding comes from the state. Lisa. Thanks, jessica. On Wall Street a selloff continues. The Dow is down three hundred sixty four points. That's more than one percent..

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