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There was no mask requirement in my hotel in some people wearing them But for the most part you know it wasn't exactly back to normal but it felt alive and vibrance and fun and lively again in a way that i just haven't felt in any place for more than a year now and so It was it was just a good time. And there were a bunch. Great culinary and cultural experiences As part of a new york times of poster thing over the weekend so it's probably not true But that This is This is the new york summer. The youths youths have taken over. And they're doing all their youth thing all over the place and They got a lot of pent-up youth nece and then it's going to be big fund Crazy summer and i think that's probably true Neck what are you doing in the fund crazy to your summer. My consumption has been carol. Ross the war on small business how the government used the pandemic to crush the backbone of america. And it's a very good very timely. A book about this. That reminds us of the speed in the repetitively and the arbitrariness of lockdown orders in how they came in and how that affected business particularly small business as the title gives it away. Carol who is a very has a great twitter feed and is a really good kind of financial and business analyst and whatnot Looks at the ways in which people and markets and the economy responded to various kinds of government interventions which generally were poorly and poorly thought through. So i highly recommend the The small business how. The government used the pandemic to crush the backbone of america. And you know the the real question. Going forward is You know what happens to small business particularly in then. Let's say you know just Lower order entrepreneurship Of does this stuff come back because there's no question in places like new york chicago. La a lot of smaller businesses just disappeared And whether or not they're gonna come back that remains to be seen in..

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