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The pop had failed water was starting to gather quickly I got the problem under control saved thousands of dollars in the water damage. you know what the water sensor cost. nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents. nineteen dollars ninety nine cent water sensor that's simply safe system saved them thousands of dollars in damage in a new pump. you'll be surprised at how much home security from simply save does not cost everything about it's economical in large part because it's built on a wifi platform there aren't any wires it makes a huge difference. now when you guard your home was sensors on your doors and windows of motion detectors and all the rooms that you want to protect you have complete protection and simply save gives you twenty four seven professional monitoring services to connect your system to the cops fire department and that's only fourteen ninety nine a month. I mean that's that's less than a century. there's no contract was signed in old minimum length of time you have to pay it. so get protected a you can do an apartment a condominium a home and a state a stable whatever and wherever you would need security I'll boat house. simply safe USA dot com is the website and you'll get a free HD camera when you buy the system now it's simply safe U. S. A. dot com you know what that's a big deal you have an HD camera in there this about response time. from the police department okay so somebody breaks into your house. and the monitoring goes off well there's all these phone calls go back and forth the password you have to enter pass phrases whatever. and until all that's done until there's a judgment made a whether it's a false alarm or real the burglars in the house if you have an HD camera. that triggers when the alarm is triggered when the HD camera proves that the bad guys in the house the cops to see that well the simplisafe monitoring sees it they tell the cops and bam all the cop car is dispatched. much sooner three and a half times faster. and throwing the HD camera in L. free bone that's a hundred dollar value it's a big deal simply safe USA dot com here sandy Newport Rhode Island I'm glad you waited great to have you with us..

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