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A county supervisor Janice Hahn, says she's looking into reports of Cove in 19 vaccine Waste King If I news has received information that unused doses of the vaccine may have been thrown away because of their short shelf life. For those who are scheduled to be inoculated didn't show up at the end of the day when you have unused doses. Don't throw them away, Start calling people who can be there in 30 minutes and get it in their arm haunted. She wants a waiting list for surplus vaccines, especially for people 65 older, she says. It's also unfortunate that the county's only administered half of the allotted doses from the state Steve Gregory Ko Phi News High School team in Fullerton, has joined about 140 other schools, sports teams asking for the state to let them play ball. 40 states have proven that student athletes can return to the field to play their sport of choice and they can do it safe. Plate, and we're asking California government to allow our Children to do the same thing. Troy Hi University basketball coach. Varsity basketball coach Jason Jamison says the Let them play rally will start late this afternoon across the state, he says student athletes have been traveling out of state to play anyway. Jamison says. A lot of his players are struggling in school and tell him there's just no point to anything without sports. A new mental health campus in Orange County has a place for people to sober up in a place for others to calm down. That's open to everyone in the county, whether you have insurance or not, Supervisor Lisa Bartlett says the brightly decorated 93 bed facility has urgent care for people having a mental health crisis. The ers and the jails are not conducive to someone with a mental health condition. Supervisor Don Wagner says that as the county's first sobering station and offers long and short term treatment Gives them someone to talk to. It.

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