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What they are intended to accomplish for you, whether that's anti-aging skin serum or the gut, nor Shing Colostrum, or you know the the neurotransmitter and recovery enhancing amino ass. Acids or the completely pure, incredibly antioxidant, rich, organic coffee. I mean, every single thing that I create, I want to be known for as being something that is functional, that is guilt free that is tested in the trenches, and that's that's what is is. It's very, very simple. I mean, we, we just call it the key on clean energy bar. The key on clean energy bar, and frankly, when you get this bar and the box Rives at your house, even the fricking box and the label in the packaging. And I think you'd probably agree with me on this Angeles, fun. I mean, it's it's just a cool looking bar. My kids absolutely love it. It's almost like a a cartoon kind of the the design on the bar. And I mean, the whole thing start to finish is just an experience. And that's what I wanted to create for people was not just functional energy, but a full experience when it comes to mouth, feel and flavor and apple. Tight satiafaction and you know how it feels and crinkles and and when you open it, it's it's slightly flexible, but it doesn't fall apart. And when you bite into it, I mean, you just get this chocolate coconut nutty explosion in your mouth. I mean, it's it's just I'm incredibly proud of it and I don't wanna drone on. I realized that this point, you know, I'm starting to sound like a giant commercial, but ultimately, I think we should just tell people where they can go get this thing right now if they want to try it and where they can leave questions if they have Filmon been. So as I know this happened with our coffee as soon as I announced it was ready, it kind of sold out really fast. So I, I cannot guarantee at the time that you hear this podcast that we aren't going to be completely sold out of these things because they're already beginning to fly off the shelves like for hotcakes. But if you wanna get in, will it getting his good? The URL is. Get canned dot com slash bar so key on his k. o. n. as in, you know, it's all based on the concept of key life force energy, Chaka pronto. This idea that there is this invisible life force that surges through all of us. And this bar definitely feeds that lifeforce you're gonna, you're gonna feel wonderful, wonderful after you eat it because it's just it's clean. Noga pom, wonderful flavor, but it's get kion dot com. Slash bar get k. o. n. dot com.

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