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Going into shot and no shot during the experiment, pressing doing things that I forgot the name of their pants on anyway. So we've got a couple polls on ESPN 1000 on Twitter, the rock pole that we do every Sunday. This is based around the fact that Tony contained she passed away a couple days ago. It was announced yesterday. She was she was in bachelor party. She was the girl on the hood and the famous Whitesnake video. She was another one, too. I think she was she was, but that was the big famous when she ended up marrying David Coverdale Whitesnake. And S O, Who's your favorite? Whatever That means to you. Eighties rock celebrity wife, girlfriend, Pamela Anderson. We know her with Tommy Lee. She also dated Bret Michaels of Poison Heather Locklear, that your favorite Fred She was married to Tommy Lee. And then she married Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi. And then the late Tani contain. She was with Rahman Crosby. He was in the band rat. And then ended up with David Coverdale. They divorced years ago. And Mary Chuck Finley a pitcher, and they have been split up for years. Eh? So what was what was your choice And what are the poll results here? So the results Pamela Anderson at about 58%, Heather Locklear, 37 a half and then Tony contain about 70. Oh, Poor Tani. Yeah, but you know, it's hard to compete with Pam Anderson. She had a very famous video. Yes, she did. I never saw it. But she had a very good the way they have a who's serious. That with actors playing Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson about that whole about about the video and how he was released in all the drama around that, Okay, It's not who I haven't watched that. You know what else I I haven't watched Our Letterkenny in awhile. I'm sorry. I've got season three. Still. You know, I got stuff. It's too funny. You see some of the clips one once and I was just amazing. Okay. The other one we did is which is your favorite kind of MLB game to watch? The low scoring pitchersduel. High scoring slug Fast like we saw last night with the whites excoriate runs in the first inning or any kind of game. You just love baseball. And so what was over the results of this one? This one? It was neck and neck but high scoring slugfest at 37.6 and then any kind of game 36.4. And then low scoring pitching duel at 26.1. Okay, Okay. Yeah, it's not get it. You get a real baseball fan that appreciates a pitching pictures toe. But it's not flashy. No, no, it's not flashy, So let's see what else are we going to do here? Oh, I've got some tell your mom some TV mount the first one that came to your mind was, Um uh, marrying Raj Marion Marion Ross from Happy days. Now she was great. I could hear. I can hear safe, Percy right now. It was that was the actresses man. Honey him? I don't know. Mrs C. Mrs C area. That's they always right, right? Yeah, she was so it still could stanza from Seinfeld to remember the Costanza George's mama Judges? My They were hilarious, huh? Jerry Stiller was the dad. Beverly Goldberg. Did you ever watch the Goldberg now? These are recent shows. She was a great mom. She's really good, Mom. Really, really fun money. Jill Taylor home improvement throw back to the nineties that so that's that is a solid choice, right? I was a big Jill Taylor fan. How about the Barone's Everything Everyone loves Raymond. Everybody loves Raymond. Marie Barone was raised Mom, Okay, and his wife was Debbie. Deborah Ramon. She went out. Patricia Heaton, the actress went on to play. Mom in the middle, which was a show that ran along time was of value for the middle. No, the middle. My dumb middle middle. Yeah, Okay. I didn't see that. It was about a family in Indiana. No, it wasn't on Fox is on. ABC wasn't really okay. I never saw that. It was a show that ran. I mean, they stopped doing it was so popular, but it never really got a lot of that. You suddenly you saw the Yogi Berra there, they stopped doing it. It was so popular. Don't go to that restaurant anywhere. There's too many people. So Claire Dunphy from modern family, Claire was truly Bowen Place. Claire was also in happy Gilmore. Yes, she was seen from happy Gilmore. Was he holding a pitcher of beer? Sitting in a lot of sitting at outdoor chair in a bikini or not a bikini like lingerie. She was also in the Gulf movie with, um um Ben Affleck's friend. The guy that Jimmy Kimmel hates. Oh, Matt Damon. Yeah, she was also in the Gulf movie with him. I don't know. There was a girl. Yeah. Okay. Claire Huxtable, Cosby family so throwback to the she was a good side of that. How did she put up with Cosby all those years? You know what I think That's probably Lisa. Reception. Maybe litigation. I have no idea. Elise Keaton Family ties. Okay, then maybe she was right. MEREDITH Baxter. Birney. Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. I don't be obvious. Carol Brady and Shirley Partridge. Some of the memorable memorable TV moms who devours I know that hoodie and cap talked about and they were throwing it back to like, Be Wicht. Yeah, and leave it to Beaver. Which you probably saw it as a new show. I sure did. I saw the first runs. You know, I saw that and I remember I was talking to my girlfriend about this last night. The Donna Reed show, Okay, I remember that now. I do. Donna Reed was also in. It's a wonderful life. Okay? And she was on fire. Futures. Soul. You? Yes, mom. Think about Back in the day doing it. I woman having their own TV show. I mean, she might have been the first woman who had her own TV show. It was named after her, The Donna Reed show that might have been She may have been the first one. I just see her in an apron. Which is just one of those flowing dresses every time she turns around. Yeah, I know. But the apron But they're Yeah, They're TV moms They made they made tv fun and, yeah, June Cleaver and when they had her in the movie airplane When she said, Excuse me. Excuse me, Stewardess. I speak jive on she did that whole thing. There was nothing funnier than that was great. I mean, you know, and that was a movie. That would be if I have a hard time being made now because they made fun of everything. Every nothing was something you know Absolutely nothing. And you couldn't. I don't know if you can make that movie now, but you can still watch it. Oh, yeah? Yeah, as much as you can. And if you have, you've never seen it. You need to see it. Yeah, you need to see that, but you know, it's amazing. Go through this list. It's like there are. There are a lot of moms that are placed, you know, character moms on TV. That have made a big big impact. Like people really remember all these moms? Sure, maybe more so than the dads. I would think so. I mean, the dead and family ties wasn't real memorable. No, you know, And he was. He was not real memorable, but the mother was, And I think it was her relationship with Alex. You know, with Michael J. Fox that was You know, it's real important cause it, Dad. He just was there. Michael Gross. Yeah, that is you Pull the Michael gross out. Remember Henry Gross, But it was a song. He had the Toby hit song. Yeah. Yeah, it was somebody who was a eyes that Shannon Yeah, you did. You get stuck playing that You're at your classic rock. I don't think that's classic rock..

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