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Don't forget if you to take a second Alex Smith that comes up bud. If you WANNA go. Once their father it opened the patriots dot com slash. You sign up for as little as two dollars a month but if you WanNa Watch board awards this weekend you WanNa see this and action Bissett Mexican action lot of guys in action this weekend and you have to be on at five dollar tear. I'm telling you man. You guys will be thoroughly thoroughly entertained by border. Wars is always fun to watch vic the Baltimore Victim. Baltimore without back how you doing brother. Yeah Mike you good. I'm living my baby. Yeah cool My take on this as well. The point Indian to all the laws in the fashion. I want him to change his coach. He should fire J. D. S. Get a better get his defense. Right get his footwork right. If he can bulk up a little bit of that mall in a fury style he needs to change your stuff in a sharp turn to take that rematch telling you except they just want this guy to go. Cash result Beetle invasion of ood. He should get it right to this talk redeem. So that's my take coveney right. Well all right. Let's see looking like we going to Seattle mister he with the Shaw. I don't care what about the baby..

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