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Robert knepper hello and welcome my name is john august my name is craig maize in and this is absurd three hundred thirty five of script notes a podcast about scream attic and things that are interesting to screenwriter's today on the podcast it's a whole other podcast moore uh i on the last two years recording interviews for a brand new series that begins today so we will have an exit from that excerpt i don't know it i thought is have covered trailer but it's not it's too it's like a feature rat creek what is a feature at this i don't know i've never known a feature it is most of the time when they add the suffix at two something i'm confused other than cigarette i know what that is and moist towel let other than that i get very confused there's even novellas confuse me when does it stop being a novel and become a nobel i don't know that the question i could answer on my pocket you could but my question views i'm not fired or anything right oh my god no our show is still a show right desk this is at a bonus bonuses an extra thing i'm doing while we tell you what's up the show called launch it follows the process of making a book from idea to writing it to selling it to printing it to seeing it in stores so that there's only six up says long are the first two of which dropped today so this is the first chance circuit into it you listen to that gets the full first episode yeah that's right and that's why i was little concerned because i i listen to the whole thing i thought the sounds like are we know i don't listen to podcasts we've we've now i was i was a big ask for me to how directives it'll it so right off the bat i was i felt quite christ like in this but you know i have heard like clips of podcast for you now and and i did listen to the slow burn podcasts that was like a whole big new thing for me and so when i listen to the first episode launch it struck me that it sounded a lot like a podcast you know words are show i don't think we sound like a pockets i.

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