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Hey there, I'm Julie foudy from laughter permitted alongside my co host Lin ozawa, Helen, hi Jules. Since the very beginning of laughter permitted, ally has supported our mission of sharing the stories of trailblazing rad women. Now, ally is backing even more incredible women as an official partner of the national women's soccer league and the Players Association. Allies goal is to make a positive change in women's pro soccer. In 2021, ally helped increase the number of teams in the playoffs, which boosted the earnings of about 60% of the league's players. And on top of that, which is amazing, ally made a substantial contribution to support the players fund, which assists current and former players facing financial hardships. Two great examples of why we're all better off with an ally. To learn more about ally, visit ally dot com. The pride passion that pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul fine bomb show our two podcast. Ross dellinger in about 30 minutes from Sports Illustrated he covered the meetings yesterday between the two conference commissioners, clear coffins, thank you with several United States senators trying to get some help. Let's get back to the calls and augie is up next. Paul, speaking of raw selling here, there was an idiot around here, kept calling him Ross dillinger. I'm like, wait, wait a second. I don't think he carries a machine gun. And it was great to hear from Dwayne Paul, another human interest story. And you're responsible for that. I've talked Dwayne from time to time, and I owe him a call. It's been a while. And I mean, I thought that word that Jim was using to describe Matt was a little harsh. The P word. I guess that's one of those borderline words, right? Well, I don't think you'll go to jail for saying it, but. It's a tweener word polite society, right? Yeah. I happen to, by the way, I happen to like the word though. Oh, it's a great word. Yeah. There's a counter word that refers to the other gender, but I won't get any batteries. Yeah, no, that will get you a little more trouble, I think. That's the one that really gets people you can say a lot of things, when you say that word. You are not going to survive that one in the public domain. No way. And your kind of the elderly and the dementia today when you said that Larry had a limited vocabulary, there are other ways to discriminate that. But it was interesting yesterday, Larry dim on all fired up about me because he thought I was attacking his son. And then you came to not to the rescue, but you did cite that his son did sound like he had been drinking and Larry said, no, he's not drinking. He was smoking a doobie like that was better than drinking. Drinking is legal, smoking prohibited vegetation is not. So why were you told you that if he was upset with the alcohol bit? Yeah, I don't mean to listen. You're asking me to do something I'm not qualified to do. And that's to figure out the mind of that that is a to get that issue getting the P brag of Larry from Shelby and try to figure out what he means. Imagine giving Larry a badge and a gun and telling him to keep the community safe. No. And you heard and you've heard the way he used to keep it safe. I've heard the stories. I mean, he might be good for certain colors on the show, but for the rest of us law abiding citizens, which it feels safe with the Larry walking around with a gun. No. I wouldn't either. But Paul, I just heard some new rest startling news. Who's been leaving? Mark QB echo who has here day one. Now, again, I realize some of you go back beyond the television, but he was here for day one of the television show. Are you going to have to give a little just a little Queen? Yes, he will be here late in the show. Explaining wise leaving. So really, it's interesting because when this show launched on the SEC network in August of 2014, there were two producers in after today, were you here, Randy? Are you already the two producers will be gone? Who would have ever taught I would have outlawed lasted them? Well, the way I see it is part of the adult supervision of the show. Oh, yeah. Who's going to provide that now that he's gone? Yeah, we don't know what the succession plan looks like. We will know shortly. And then you're asking me to try to get into the minds of ESPN suits. So you don't have to have like, at least 60% of the way over that well, I do know who is being considered, but here's where it gets tricky. Exactly how all this comes out in the wash is unknown. Sure. Well, I think it's going to be a big loss and I propose that we take up and start an NIL collective before the end of the day to see if we can keep them. Do you think that's possible? No, I don't. I feel like, you know, I feel like about this augie and this is awkward saying it in front of him. But yeah, when somebody is committed to doing something else, you have to let them do it. Right, Randy? You can't stop them. And. I've been where he is about to leave and I've heard the pleas. And you have to be determined. You just have to make up your mind. You can't let a couple of bucks affect what you do. And I've been in that situation about 14 times in my life. But I just want to say this to Chris, if you I'm sure you can hear, I absolutely appreciate everything that you've done for the show and you've done a lot of entertainment for me and a lot of people say thanks for thank you for your service. Thanks, Paul. Thank you very much. Feel like somebody's about to come out and start humming. Thanks for the memories. Let's get Bob Hope to do that. Let's try Kyle next in Miami. Hello, Kyle. Hey, Paul. My question is with Miami as a private school and recently it seems like they finally invested the finances necessary to compete with the bigger programs. They hired Clemson's AD. They got Mario Cristobal in there now. What is your reasonable three to 5 year outlook on what Miami can be and what they'll do? Kyle, I would be very disappointed if Miami does not become a contender for the college football playoff in a reasonably short window. Two to 5 years somewhere in there. And the reason I say that is they have some adults down there now. Write a COVID is considered one of the best ads in the country. I think the previous guy was okay, but he was not in Dan radovic's league. And I happened to think Mario Cristobal is one of the top ten coaches around. And one of the best recruiters. So when you add that to the current state we're in plus his ties to the school, I think it's a winning combination. Who would you think has a better outlook three to 5 years between Florida's big three? Miami, Florida, Florida state. Well, I think it comes down to Florida and Miami. I'll give Miami a little bit of a head start for this reason. Their path is much easier. And I think winning the ACC will be easier than winning the east division or winning the SEC for building Napier. I really do like Napier. I think people will be surprised if not shocked at how much how much is going on right now in Gainesville. And how much has needed to go on for a long time. But I think Florida was stuck in the past for a lot of reasons. But they are not anymore. I would say I'd give Miami a little bit of an edge because of only having to really be a handful of teams versus the usual suspects in the SEC..

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