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But i think you know when you're producing a show like that. The the the reward was worth the risk. Because if that moment had played out i think it would have been very satisfying emotional conclusion. But it didn't work out that way. And i think there's no way to control that unless you're not going to have the unknown nature of who's winning and i think that's a very or has been at least a very important part of these award shows that you have to preserve so if you're going to preserve that we don't the producers don't know who won before it's announced on stage then you can't criticize moments like that for not playing out the way they hoped or the way you would have liked. That's just part of something you have to watch. So i thought a lot of people you know people have said it's joyless that it was private that it was intimate. It wasn't something they were looking for. And i would say if they were looking for that. I think it's misplaced to look for that. In the oscar telecast going forward. I think that there were plenty of amazing moments People will be talking about you know. I actually liked all of the speeches so much more than i have liked in years past. I just thought. I got more out of them and people were funnier. Harrison ford was great The woman who won for monari was amazing. That was that was probably the best speech tonight..

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