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After route 29 were always slows in that works on anyway, But traffic is very slow there believe there is an incident along the right side of the roadway. Maybe a crash westbound 66 after 29 very heavy rain, Silver Diner has what you want and how you want it, whether you nine in under there covered patio. Have your mail delivered to your home Silver Diner. Has you covered order today at silver diner dot com GOP traffic Let's talk weather Here's my extended for there's a foot washing effect until 11 o'clock, and now much of the region is under flood warnings to and those flood warnings are mainly for flooded streets as we have a lot of standing water on area roadways, and that's going to be the story this afternoon rain heavy at times. As Trump the Storm Zeta passes off to our south. Some areas. We're going to see some gusty winds to which make us over 40 miles an hour times, especially in the southern suburbs and are high as the rest of the Mid River fifties across the northern suburbs to lower 70 south. And tape off the showers. Night. It'll be breezy and colder. Carlos mid forties to lower fifties showers on Friday, maybe before noon some afternoon sunshine. It's gonna be a blustering, a colder day Eyes upper forties to mid fifties. Sunshine Chili on Saturday Highs mid forties to lower fifties chance of showers by sunset on Sunday Highs upper fifties to lower sixties I'm Storm Team four meteorologist Mike Stanford. Nothing doing as faras getting lighter rain here We still got plenty of and we sit at 59 degrees in Northwest D. C. It is 2 30. Thiss is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather, always connected and constantly updated. In your car at home at work. Hands on the go Tell you, GOP. Never miss a moment. Good afternoon. I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hillary Howard. Just Lin Chess in his our producer just ahead just five days to Election Day and presidential candidates are now focused on Florida. House Speaker Pelosi sets out her view of the upcoming election. We are at a fork in the road on Capitol Hill. I Mitchell Miller, DC Police released bodycam footage.

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