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Is the Ben Ferguson shows so nice to have you with us tonight as we've got to DO obviously with impeachment is now democratic senators saying they'd be at least one of them thank you be fine with hunter Biden testifying will have the details on that coming up also on Superbowl bound Kansas city congradulations to our affiliate there you guys that are in Kansas city fans and even wait a long time for this they are Superbowl down we'll find out who that second team is later tonight as well also there is been something that has happened and it is unprecedented and that unprecedented moment came this week and it's a point that I want to bring up and the reason why I bring it up is because of usually what happens when I talk about this usually what I have what what happens is people say oh you're crazy I'm talking about when people say they need their weapons to protect themselves against a government that may seek to silence them or banned them or take away their rights this there this week the governor in Virginia did something that was unprecedented he said I this is a state of emergency that's right Ralph Ralph Northam the governor they're the same governor that advocated for infanticide the same governor that said that they would make a child comfortable out after them bowl the mother decide they want to terminate that child's life that governor declared a state of emergency because of the second amendment advocates they were coming to the state capitol to have a rally and he banned them from coming in the reason why he banned them for coming is only one reason why okay is because you want to take away the rights of gun owners now this comes after governor north some called for gun control an assault weapons ban quote if they can save just one person's life and you can imagine how second amendment advocates that out when this is what they were told when you have a governor that comes out to them and take away your guns listen to this if we can save one life because we acted now it is worth and so by the power vested in me by article four section six an article five section five of the constitution of Virginia I will summon the members of the Senate and the house of delegates to meet in special session for the purpose of passing common sense public safety law I will propose many of the same idea ears that we have proposed before universal background checks a ban on assault weapons to include the pressures and bomb stocks and extreme risk protective order reinstating the one gun a month law child access prevention requiring people to report lost and stolen firearm and expanding local authority to regulate firearms including now there's a couple things that you may have listened to and been like wait what did he really just say that yes he really just said that what I'm referring to the really just that was the part about a one gun a month law limiting my second amendment right what if I want to buy a collection of guns he's saying no he's saying no governor north him comes out and he now has declared a state of emergency also he can ban gun owners from showing their right to bear a gun at the state capitol so you have this gun rights rally that's looming in Virginia Richmond residents they say they fear another quote Charlottesville that's how the media is going to play this up so that they make the governor look normal many say they'll be staying as far away as possible for the demonstration that they worry will quote turn violent because let's turn law abiding citizens into violent citizens in two seconds has gone right activists and then of course they say you're white nationalists to military groups prepared to rally at the state capitol on Monday to protest proposed gun control laws residents are praying it won't be a repeat of the violent two thousand seventeen rally in Charlottesville would rather had nothing to do with the second amendment and ended and women staff again to equate the two is disgusting any responsible by the media but please let's go there the Virginia citizens offense league which organized in a gun rights rally so this is an annual rally this isn't like some pop up white supremacist rally but let's go ahead to slander them anyway Senate wants peace will then but the crowd is expected to be larger than usual because Democrats jug gun control of the legislature or take control I stay the legislature last year and are proposing several gun control bills that would limit handgun purchases require background checks and only lighted by one gun a month the proposal comes after mass shooting in may in Virginia beach in which a disgruntled employee killed twelve people in a municipal building I'm very worried Francisco a state of Virginia Commonwealth University said they also said there they're studying photography at the thirty one thousand student public research university she wanted to attend the rally to document it but is having second thoughts after governor north then declared a state of emergency last week in anticipation of the event he claimed at the time quote.

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