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Of relief to know that something is being done outlaw responded sympathetically I want to acknowledge the pain here in this room as a mother of two sons I don't know what I would do I would be inconsolable at city hall Pat lobe kill white W. news radio I think he was a rapist faces his accuser that's coming up but first we have traffic and weather on the two's here Sam until then we have some traffic now at the Burlington Bristol bridge of rap backing up an opening there couple minutes ago so things are moving once again north township in the Delaware River check out the Delaware River bridges okay Tony palm Meyer is fine so is the Burling and so was the Ben Franklin bridge on Wall within bridge into Philadelphia is heading for south on ninety five got a rush hours backed up generally from bridge down to Girard Avenue into center city Philadelphia north on ninety five nothing too serious now west on the Schuylkill expressway is okay we had an earlier problem twenty six street tunnel just before the westbound Schuylkill expressway pretty serious accident within the hour now out of the way to go for it we're west of this heavy under thirty street on the Boulevard at the Belmont Avenue and then we go east on the Schuylkill expressway heavy through Conshohocken in the curve slow within the city limits Montgomery down to Girard still some problems in the northeast serious accident cop an Avenue at Chris been that's north of Frankford Avenue is several vehicles of all this happen over an hour ago still on the scene direct you around that at Cottman Avenue in on four twenty two busy from oaks on into says the heavy traffic and already some bright sun in your eyes and some spots along the way especially thirty bypass watch he spun around route one three twenty two in New Jersey forty two freeway northbound again fifty five so the fifty five one rap beyond that across any of the other Delaware River bridges were okay mass transit on or close to schedule the cable W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm Sam clover the five day forecast sponsored by Hutchinson plumbing heating cooling and B. C. ten first alert meteorologist bill Henley joining us this morning good morning bill so we have to suffer through another winter like day before we get these beautiful spring like temperatures.

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