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Hours today. Proverbs twenty four sixteen for the righteous fall, seven times in Rogers again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity. Stay Lauder said when I thought I couldn't go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence not luck. I am convinced really that probably there's two or three factors. I think that you could say the number one thing number one, correlating thing with successes. What. One of them's integrity. Hard to be really successful if your dad gum crook. People say all the time crooks get ahead, but that's just on TV. I mean, the real world wants somebody messes you over. You tell everybody. Nobody else does business with them. It's very difficult. And so really crooks don't get ahead in the long run when they bounce around from thing to thing, the constant have to start over on all their relationships and contacts and everything else. It's very difficult. Integrity is one of them. You know what? The other one is perseverance. People are successful, they're not necessarily smarter than other people. Matter of fact, they're usually don't have the high level GPA's that some of those brilliant people have typical millionaire has GPA below three point. Oh, and college. Mine was to non seven in that three one hundreds of point still pisses me off. Mr. three by three one hundreds of point, some believable still mad about that. But you know, the typical millionaire doesn't even have a three point. Oh, GPA it's not. It's not GPA. It's not unusual brilliance. It's not. You know, they invented the next toaster or bread, slicer whatever. Sometimes they do those things, but you know, I know thousands of millionaires probably know thousands of Decca millionaires I know at least they twenty billionaires personally, and none of them are shiny brilliant blow you away with their intelligence people. None of them are not a one, maybe one or two. But I mean, most of them are just like really him. Most of them are such regular people. Unbelievable, except they're not regular. People don't quit. Their ability to persevere to not be denied to just keep after it to scratch into claw. The ability to push through. It. There's just a high correlation between that and success. Perseverance. Bible talks about in Romans five, three through seven. Rejoice, new tribulations. Tribulations, produce. Perseverance, perseverance, hope and hope is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Hard times make you learn how to hang on..

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