President Trump, Pantera, White House discussed on Mark Levin


The Iran deal like the bridge and the bridge over the river Kwai do you understand what I mean they they will defend that Dan fresh no matter what there are nuclear deal for a lot of people around the world is becoming article of faith and the president was right to get out of the deal and I've we have a very strong around action group in the state department that reports directly to secretary Pantera we work very closely across the state to bother with the range of offices in the White House and deal be and there is that there is a very strong esprit de corps in support of the president's policies and we've been having a lot of success in the president truly has been the one great leader on this subject worldwide has there are around he really came in right away we started putting in place sanctions against the regime getting out of the deal allowed us to put sanctions on Iran's oil and spanking and we have collapsed Iran's oil exports we've collapse and foreign direct investment petrochemical exports precious industrial metals the regime that is now probably at negative thirteen or fourteen percent GDP under the Iran nuclear deal they were flush with cash and that money doesn't go to the Iranian people it goes to their parties around the Middle East even the New York Times and Washington post this here have acknowledged the grudgingly possibly.

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