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Well, the father of murdered Iowa college student. Molly Tibbets has ridden and emotional op Ed about the death of his daughter. He's once again, asking people to keep his daughter out of the immigration debate. He says she would not have wanted it from earners become a political talking point because her suspected killer is an undocumented immigrants from Mexico over the weekend. Mr. Tibbets road in the in register quote, do not appropriate molly's soul and advancing views. She believe we're profoundly racist. He added quote, the person who is accused of taking molly's life is no more reflection of the Hispanic community is white. Supremacists are white people to suggest otherwise is ally Mr. tip. It's also said to build bridges, not walls, his op Ed came one day after President. Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump, junior, had his own up at in the same paper and pointed blame at liberals from his Tippett's death. He wrote quote, the mask is off the true radical face. The Democrats have been exposed has been exposed. They are seemingly more concerned with protecting their radical open borders agenda than the lives of innocent Americans. Joining now CNN political, commentators deportees former Trump campaign involved and cures empowers CNN political analyst and USA today columnist, Steve. Let me start with you. I mean, clearly, Molly Tibbets father doesn't want her debt to be politicized. Is it appropriate or don't from junior and the president and others in the GOP to continue using Molly Tippett's death for political purposes or framing it. I think it's, I think it's appropriate to talk about policy. It is. I certainly won't pick any quarrel with him. He's entitled to grieve. However he wants, he's entitled to his political views. I will tell you a group of people who also grieve and have a very strong political views in those are angel parents. The parents of people who like his daughter had been killed by dangerous illegal aliens, and they have a very different view. They believe that their children would be alive today if our country had the will to enforce our existing laws and to have a real border. So people like Marianne Mendoza who I'm saying Mendoza, but should the press. I understand the president has held press conferences with with the parents that you're talking about. Should he continue to use Molly Tibbets his name in this example. I believe we should continue talking about the policy. The point is here again, I, it's not specifically volunteer, but the point is that well, he's American lives and so does she is okay sh she is an American citizen and the fact that she's dead. At the hand, we're legal alien is a reasonable policy talking point. Yes, that is a reasonable policy discussion. Okay. And even if it doesn't matter to her father that the killer was here legally, it does matter to a lot of us and to me as a father Anderson, it matters a heck of a lot to me because I don't want my daughter killed by an illegal alien who shouldn't be here in the first place, particularly ones who have proved themselves dangerous already and haven't been deported Kirstin does the fact that the man accused of killing her the fact that he's an illegal immigrant or illegal alien does that. Should that be part of this debate. No, and this is this is very similar to the debate that happened around Kate Steinle who was tragically killed in California, and this is a tragedy and tragedies happen. But that doesn't mean that you need to demonize an entire group of people because of a tragedy. And I think if you have the father saying, please out of decency leave us out of this, then you are sort of obligated to leave him out of it. I disagree that just because you're afraid of this happening to your daughter, that it's okay to exploit this girl's death when her family has asked her, not to know if we look at the statistics, which I think do matter much more than how people feel this is Justice are very clear, which is that undocumented immigrants and legal immigrants commit crimes that much lower rates than the average American. That's from the Cato Institute, which is a conservative libertarian think tank. There's another study in criminology that found a similar outcome. So this isn't really up for debate. Date. This is an old story. We've seen it a million times demonizing people that are some different and saying that you know whether it's a talion Jews now Irish. Now it's it's, it's people from Central America. Nobody nobody is demonizing anybody..

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