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The five of course himself warned look i have slow it down the bombers treasurer of raleigh when them father warrants remember in they're trying to get some on trump with the russian thing right well you know arte bomb adjusted steps have we have some legs bro have had some issues in the justice department just a couple of just a few things going on so i just financing jeff sessions if you're listening sears the man you guys are asking for this reinstatement of this uh you know the department of justice in the m in others laughter man levin is part of the patriot act the fis the courts were against spy then tap follow follow only elminger warrant studium studying award the gotta go to fis that get that you know warned but we saw fayza strike back at them i'm talking about how some of that was ridiculous what they were doing so there won't matt back so i mean we got a department of justice outta whack and it's been getting led by this comic cat for while he's part of the problem all them oda bob paper got to go well you know he gets bad when the fis accord comes back and says you know what i realize we heard of everything that comes through average of the both the bunk but that's that's a little much y'all pushing a little east and you saw the numbers of the warns that they applied for their in the last quarter of the administration on their bomb instruction kicked up pretty heavy been and susan rice i wanna after a lot of questions about how she had requested some of these you know unmasking yoma i'm rob at unmasking bomb masking takes place all awful these 702 warrantless searches by the government atp you trust the government in its current capacity once again our for you back to the leak statement that we might earlier if you trust them atlanta mob that's it you know but here's the thing muster sessions i don't trust the department of justice the you get that bank straight and if nothing gets real straight the gummy some labor in hanke we're watching on fox news lives the money's walked out of the white house amoco us that's all we wanna say that's all i'm saying we've got plenty of evident for blake got plenty of evidence.

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