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Very little in the way thunderstorm here tonight on weather radar when they do occur packing a punch and they're drifting really to the east into the northeast what's left of tropical storm Cristobal moving up into a parts of Missouri tonight and eighty degrees here in Houston ninety seven tomorrow flirting with daily records I'm meteorologist Scott Laurie more the weather channel it's ninety four degrees at the KTR H. keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center this news brought to you by top stack defenders it's five thirty one our top story nation is better prepared for a second wave of the coronavirus that word from the White House trade adviser he says the first wave caught everyone by surprise but companies fought back with needed supplies the U. S. is closing in on two million cases Jill Biden will deliver a recorded video messages George George Floyd's funeral tomorrow he met with the family here in Houston today Byton will not attend tomorrow's funeral due to secret service issues Floyd's body arrived earlier today exactly two weeks after he was pinned down by a cop Minneapolis and died the public visitation wraps up at six o'clock PM tonight with a candlelight vigil at Yates high school tonight at seven thirty news on demand a KTRE dot com our next update at six o'clock I'm Y. goals been Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE H. Daniel dean land clearing and dirt work can handle that project on your land you need some clearing done you need some trails cut maybe the trails and started growing up and you say well.

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