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Is a trip. Stuffing, people that are having symptoms decades later, and then the third is from too much and when taken all together, I mean. Can be interrelated trucking strengthening depression, mental health at. So this is something that the nation to. I mean, I think we are looking at just continue to highlight the risks. We're speaking with Laura Kelly health reporter at the Washington Times. And she's written a piece entitled, drug overdoses and suicides are pushing life expectancy in the US behind that of other developed nations. It's strange, right. I mean, I think you out in the story we're doing better with things we sometimes can't control like cancer yet doing poorly things we can control. Right. I mean, not not so many bright spots in spite it was heartening to see that race apart disease. We've at least stable maybe going down a little bit and cancer on death rates from cancer also going down, and that just goes to show how valuable pudding. Funding into research. I think has shown has shown those rewards. And that's what we're seeing now with with tragedy. And what's suicide with expanding suicide prevention hotline, hopefully essay, one of the diseases that is raising the death rate is Alzheimer's, and we really have no more fall progress man, intriguing or detecting Alzheimer's, and also, you know, advocates really push for increased funding. And and and I think it's starting fed maybe move a little bit, Laura, Laura. Kelly health reporter at the Washington Times. Twenty one minutes now in front of the hour on This Morning, America's first news..

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