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Remember, I told you te'o if greatest Teo was the moment of place lift a little. They moved on. Sure. And as soon as Richard Sherman got a mandatory, and they will they will comfortable not moving on they moved on. They did Seattle is a lot better. Skip. I did not think that would be good as good as they are. No one no one had this team playoff teams, given what they lost defensively and with no running game with the offensive line. And Russell Wilson taking the hits that he took and for them to be in a position the position that they're in. I think it speaks a lot to this does and the front office to put it again, we were prematurely handing out some awards to my Dallas Cowboys last segment and now we should bring up. The fact Pete Carroll's in the coach of the euro Luton. John Schneider should be an executive the year because they have either rebuilt to retool this team on the fly. I'm in all of yet. Because all they had to build around was Russell and Bob Wagner, any at work man and Monday night that was a tour to force again run in the ball, seventy two. Passing. But it worked right defense, Bobby Wagner planet hell. Hello. If he go back and forth between me he and Keith guy tandem, his hands down tell you what we'll give Give them them a rope it in money. money's group up in Chicago on roquan. Roquan after last year's national semi-final. I said that young man takeover game play, and he is taken over. I'm sure you thinking the same thing. Why does feel the need feel a need to comment about everything? All Seattle Richard Sherman. Feels the need to comment about any and everything is in the world. And as many people know I had a long ago battle with him. I'm not the biggest fan of his we've invited him again. And again, and again, and again, it comes sit right here if he wants to I think he lives in southern California after about that he's from Southern Cal in the off season. He's welcome to come in here in speak his piece to us. But right now, he is speaking peace back to Seattle because it feels like he left his heart and his whole identity was legion of boom shutdown corner zone corner. And he got back. He was backed up by the too bad safeties. I don't know as a tandem is ever been a better tandem in the history of the National Football League. Then those two. Yup. That was special in. So now, he's taking potshots back. Seattle had very negative things to say about Russell Wilson. And it's unbecoming of him. Because he's he's a great player. I'll give him great because he played at a high level for long time. He had unfortunately, an achilles tear, which is rupture and especially artists. Yeah. At his age, he should have known this. I mean when you see first of all, I don't care. How great you? Are you start taking shots at the franchise quarterback? Oh, something's gotta give. And normally teams are not moving on from quarterbacks. Obviously Richard thought as did the other members of legion of boom that the team got torn apart because of the head coaches. Affection for the quarterback. And he put the ball in the quarterback's hand at the end of that Super Bowl loss to Tom Brady company. And they never got over. It inside flea said from the start that was the not the beginning of the end that was just the end, right, Richard. They looked at it like this. If that. Russell had the cash Shay to change the plane if he was rookie quarterback scale Bela's, they call the play you say, okay, I'm running with. But in that situation. You say audible, I'm handle all the beach. That's why they didn't forgive him. They know Russell didn't call that play. They know Daryl bubbles at that player. They also hope he Caroline countable because he can hear the play being called in. And he could have said, no turnaround. Yeah. So they hope I believe they hold peak care in Russell more culpable. They hold the guy that we call the plate in Euro-babble. They never they never forgave. Russell for that. In granted, maybe the head coach normal. The head coach doesn't show an affinity to French. I've quarterback. Of course, you can't hit it. And yes, they tried today would try to pick Jonathan practice too..

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