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If you are against the concept tomorrow happens to be the day where you do play and where the positive expectation is just too invaluable because there's so many extraneous impossible combinations. That are played that it does offset to some degree. And this is even true before a force out there. So many extraneous combinations covered that it does mitigate the takeouts that are involved. So it's it's a fascinating discussion. And this is a very fair approachable sequence for a distribution. Let's get some opinions from you, Tom, especially on the stakes. Let's start with the Lewis and the pass cow look at the Lewis, I which goes as race number six on the card at the second leg of the pick six, and you know, when you think back to the running of the sham stakes. I mean, just visually that was not a very pretty race. In my opinion. I'm just willing to discount most of the runners that come out of the sham including the runner. Medal gray take nothing away from them. We we spoke about gun metal grey week after after his victory at B for West Point there, but happy for trainer Jerry Hollander for. But I'm just not convinced that that was very very productive rates visually. We'll see down the road whether whether or not that that conclusion proves to be true. But I'm willing to draw a line through the runners in the sham the interesting horse who was supplemented of the race. And I'm very surprised by this, and I'm not necessarily in love with the horse tomorrow in the Bob Lewis is Mick magnificent Makul, we talked on the show before about how impressive his win breaking his maiden me. I'm a to turn. Of course, at San Nita was the Gallup was unbelievable. And if you go to two lanes back in his running lines, you can see two extra hope who was very very spectacular in victory yesterday. Richard Mandela Mandela decided to skip this race and run extra hope yesterday allowance race. He looks like he could be three zero to deal with them the derby trail for Samantha -sego. But I think that I think the race goes through the bottom to run as you mentioned you thought maybe you could go to deep. I'm willing to discount gun metal gray who I'm assuming Steve is one of your runners, and I'm gonna use both Muccio Gustavo and no low contest or no contest. Oh, beat 'em Ah-ha beach who's gonna be a prohibitive favorite in the first leg of the of the rainbow pick six tomorrow. But I think he's got a lot of upside he broke from the rail in his debut. Adele, Mark the jockey loss desire Riveria kinda just you know game spin around the racetrack. He lost the bathroom runner kingly, who's a half to mow Hayman and full of New Year's day any came back around to turns. And really got off the board morning line was four to one went off at eight to five and he couldn't have been more. Impressive affect sadly put some immediately right into the stakes race. I think speaks volumes about how company is about. No, low contestability so many use the bottom two renters who is still from the Baffert barn. And no contest contestant. Try and cover the race with just those two. Well, and you may be onto something for people when it comes to magnificent Makul, at least as an exotics inclusion with that. Gestion don't maybe gloss over him as he returns the dirt from that season ender or season starter. I've December twenty eighth at the need is sort of a season starter, even though he was still just too, but he breaks his maiden going to mile and an eighth on the grass, and certainly nobody else in here is traveled nine furlongs. So that you know, maybe a fitness age. And certainly that January nineteenth workout makes us to see what we hear from what we hear from India Harrington later tonight, the San PASCAL, I talked to Jay Primm earlier and the hammer to and boy Tom this race, considering we what we had in in Gulfstream this past week to have this come up as deep as it did even with MacKenzie as the short price favourite says a lot that they came out of the woodwork for this. Yeah. Absolutely. And obviously MacKenzie hopeful that he'll be victorious here connections and move onto by that's at least the plan at the moment. Then, you know, McKinsey kind of I'm not sure that he's really value at four to five, and I respect the connections..

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