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Starts with closing the visibility gap. Learn more at raven tech dot com Back we go to Dave Tilden in the W T o P Traffic center. Well in Virginia. At least it's not raining on 66. They were having some crashes. Nonetheless, the westbound near Fairfax County Parkway that one involves the truck. The right lanes are blocked. Eastbound inside the Beltway beyond the Boston Fairfax Drive exit. The crash is now on the rise. Shoulders. Eastbound traffic is slowly getting a move on eastbound drivers that is in seven corners. Westbound en route. 50 slow traffic from Carlin Springs Road, Patrick Henry Drive, and the crash was reported on westbound route 50 there in seven corners near Patrick Henry. Along the left side on 95 south beyond the crash near Dale City, near the rest area should be clear. Delays remain, but the lanes have been open on the outer loop it slow from telegraph to the Wilson Bridge. The inner loop is slow from the a toll road to the American Legion Bridge and in stretches slow through Montgomery County. Very heavy traffic and heavy weather continues in Prince George's County. Here in just south of the Landover exits, especially near the works on Central Avenue, the bridgework zone where their jersey walls and poor drainage could be some deeper puddles forming, especially since the downpour seems reluctant to move. Route 50. The weather is fair enough for two way traffic and delays continue to ease eastbound past Sandy Point, Baltimore Washington Parkway South bound past 1 98 still single file getting past the crash. And between land, um and buoy. It's been a stretch of a 5 64 land. Um Severin wrote close near Green Haven Road crash damage to poll earlier this afternoon. Get vacation voucher. When you purchase the whole house of Windows from Window Nation, plus kit to free windows for every two you buy and pay nothing for two whole years window nation.

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