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Fryer and uses news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE I take the beltway sometimes and I also take the Westpark toll road K. T. R. H. time saving traffic next on the ten yeah I like I like the I like the older country music one more Conway Twitty Loretta Lynn George Jones that kind of country music girl Haggard Ernest Tubb via George Jones yes you know I like that style so much is because if you play old country songs backwards you know what happens you get your truck back you get your wife back you get your dog back you get your job back you get sober thank you don't you don't hear the train coming through here lord was there something else you have to give it all and what it was I know what it was the mayor of Seattle I know we spend a lot of time talking about Seattle today I feel like you know what I feel like I feel like I'm living inside of a real life Kentucky fried movie a very all remember that I mean it's just it's just like a strange Bizarro world we're in right now the mayor of Seattle was on CNN of course talking to Chris Cuomo when she basically said you know what's going on here it's it's not really it's you know it's it's not really ride saying more or or error on the taken over the sink this is more like a block party it it's it's what a block party at that point I think I would have been asking mayor do they have chip and dip you know a bit about Bob Miller lite date that the old by the old you know bill stocked up on Miller lite the guy coolers is that what this is is that is that what's going on do they have lawn chairs and coolers because last time I checked I don't think they had any of those things certainly not my idea of a block party I don't know if maybe in the world of jazz which is what this little autonomous zone is being called maybe that's their idea of a block party then if you have a warlord I guess you know you can have your own definition of a block party seven ten time for traffic and weather together let's check in once again with Julia Hartley we are getting a little bit better on the inbound side of forty five north freeway we don't have that problem right at six ten now that's fine but unless the backed up traffic so you move a little your guess extent give yourself about five minutes or so looks a little crowded on the inbound side of sixty nine the southwest and that's taking a chance to get on the sixteen the west loop and then if you're trying to travel through the downtown area on the northbound side of forty five north freeway it's a little bit crowded right around Allen parkway I'm Julie hardy in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center from R. K. T. R. H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center time to check in with meteorologist Terry Smith at the weather channel forecasting a really nice weekend yes I'm calling it a three day weekend both beach barbecue.

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