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Although when I think of exotic this isn't exactly would I think of it is unique and different. We're talking about the increase in people who are adopting miniature donkeys. They're so small for a donkey but Pretty much about the same size as a big dog and those who own and even show these mini donkeys say. They are really smart and very responsive to humans which in. Us kind of like a dog. That's why we love our dog so much they wanna be near you in. These donkeys are the same way. One man who has thirty of the miniature donkeys says? He's trained a lot of different breeds of dogs and young horses but he says the donkeys. These mini ones are a lot more like training a dog than they are like a horse but still he does concede house. Training a mini donkey is virtually impossible saying that He's found that when they need to potty they just do it wherever they are or horse going down the parade right. Excuse ME EVERYBODY. I have to write in the living room there. Yeah so they don't that for that reason they don't recommend them in the house but the bigger issue bigger than potty training is they. Are you know equine? They are herd animals. So they say you really need to either to donkey's or a donkey. And a horse or those mini donkeys would become very very lonely one breeder of them says she is even turned down potential adopters that do not already have at least one herd animal already in their home. The ultimate fate of that steer in that viral video from Texas. Did you see that one This dear who escaped from a slaughterhouse earlier this month. His fate is still up in the air. Although one rescue group says Baby Huey that's what they've named him he's got his own. Hashtag Baby Huey that he may now be kept by the owners of the slaughterhouse. And they're thinking about keeping him as a family pet but the rowdy girls sanctuary farm in Texas has informed that family that if they decide they don't want maybe anymore they need to tell the sanctuary so that they can go ahead and make other arrangements that would allow baby huey to live out his life without fear of being sent back to a slaughterhouse again. That was wild yes. The world's first privately owned animal terminal and Quarantine facility incredible. It is opened up at John. F Kennedy International Airport in New York. It's called they call it the ARC. It's a Jain Norma's sixty five million dollar fourteen acre civility. That's huge but still it's been so professionally done and well thought out. They say that even at that size that it's cozy enough or a tiny kitten but spacious enough even for Clyde steel if you want the arc caters to travellers who send their animals as cargo on flights but they do not want them hanging out and attended say in the holding area either before or after a trip you know where so many animals you know. Get lost or die. From the heat and everything companion animals will be staying at the pet oasis which is part of the ARC huge complex and they welcome pets arriving departing or pets. Who are just in between flights in that starts at about one hundred twenty five bucks before takeoff. You can drop off your pets. And then they get the animal ready they give them a preflight walk and they check the crate for airline compliance and then the staff will then transport the pet to the plane. You know so. There's always a human with your pet. And then they coordinate with the airline on the exact departure time if there are any delays and things like that to minimize the way to the boarding area. Now for arrivals imagine that you're in traffic and you can't get there and you've got you know some for some reason here. Pet is flying by itself. The staff picks up the pet from the airplane and they handle all of the customs and paperwork requirements and then once they get over to the pedal ACIS there they get their food. They get a bath and brushed plus they potty breaks in a grassy area and pet parents can also receive foot. Oh updates of their pets journey but if by chance you happen to have a furry friend of a larger variety the ARC also has a dedicated area for horses and even horse quarantining and and for those who travel with them like their jockeys grooms and there's also a specialized habitat gesture birds of all kinds and they say that a vet clinic is also in the works there as is a paradise for pause in. If you don't know what that is. It's a luxury pet resort that is already operating in a few cities near the big airports mostly in Chicago Denver in Dallas Fort. Worth I. I've heard about. Those boy is really amazing. How we are now accommodating animals in and out of the city the major cities about time. Lucie is there a problem was that Lucy promised me a trip to Hawaii yes that's Lucy anyway. I just thought that was fantastic. I I love when things are so well planned and things because what we had at airports in the past several decades has clearly not been working or for the benefit of the animals that was just to get them from point. Eight point being sometimes. Even that didn't happen. I'm Laurie Brooks get more breaking news anytime at animal. Radio DOT COM..

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