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Is wrestling. Hey, there's a punchline for you, kids. That's good for him. That's awesome. So cable Alaska is having Mark geragos defend him. You know, Mark Aaron goes, he's a famous lawyer. He just oh, right. I think he defended Michael Jackson, but he lost a justice Jussie Smollett, but how do you defend Jesse Smollett? That guy, that was just dumb. I don't know if there's a lawyer in the world that could have no. At that point, you're just doing it for publicity, because apparently that's what he was doing it for. Anyway, too? That's still one of the strangest stupidest fucking things you've ever heard of. So James Tony claims that Randy couture to avoid the rematch. Don, any thoughts on that? James Tony. That was the fact that he says that Randy guitar retired to avoid the rematch with him. That was like the funniest, right? When he just took him down and he just fucking, what are the arm triangle them? And Tony was wearing like flip flops and he had a weapon specialist train him, which was crazy because he's like, I don't understand that at all. Don, is your is your Wi-Fi okay? Kinda yeah, thanks so. As long as I don't move. As long as you don't move too. Nice. I appreciate it. Nobody move. So what did you say about a rematch? So James Tony says that Randy couture retired to avoid the rematch. Didn't wait a minute, didn't couture like just take him down and Tony just lay there with his legs sticking out? Yeah, yeah, yeah. He had no idea he was doing. I feel like he would love the chance to do that again. So Jason called out Barack Obama. So Barack Obama tweeted this. Can we just pause for a second and thanks, Jake Paul for ruining America. Well, he didn't really call him out, but he said, I just tested positive for COVID. I said Obama said, I've had a scratch. He wrote for a couple days, but I feel otherwise. Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted. And she tested negative. To remind her to get vaccinated if you haven't already, even as cases go down. So as Jake shields responded, I got my girlfriend pregnant while we're in a Trojan condom. But thankfully, I was wearing a condom..

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