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But you know the words to this song, which I'm not going to sing for you. But if you know the words of this song is this not completely perfect for the Jared Porter situation. Are you down with O P. P. Do you believe in just your guy? Yes. You're welcome for noticing Dave is up is a man. Do you believe that he was he was somehow Googling pictures of other people's Private parts and was sending those to this poor female reporter. No, not listen. I don't want to generalize every man in the world because some of us don't do that. Some of us like myself are gentlemen. I feel it. There is a Portion of men out there that are Liars in some way and then you know less than Forthcoming. You know, she was gonna say they're not all on the open up like like in all seriousness like you mentioned before, sometimes. It's not just so, you know, I'm looking for a relationship. Sometimes it's something more. I'm just looking for photos. But you don't believe Jared Porter. I don't leave anything that's coming out of it. Okay. Got it moments. Yes, that's where I'm at with. So in other words, producer Dave does not believe that these were just stock photos. Stock photos. Is there a website where you could? There probably is a website where you could go to get stopped. Penis photos. Sorry, but that's what he was sending. And he says those were joke like photos, and he just he found somewhere I'm mean like, for instance, if I googled photos of Tom Brady right now, there'd be like a million photos that popped up of Brady playing football with this family yada yada. I mean, there's just a website where you can Google Penises. I mean, I have no clue number one, but I'm assuming if you went to the group of this is if you really wanted to. I think regular old Google anything you type in you go. I'll just Yeah, Whatever you type in there. At this point, we'll just Available, I guess for anybody, but no, That's that's not wait. So Google can control the message when it comes to other things, but not that I don't know. Oh, good for you, Jared Porter. I guess that's creative. Anyway. It's a little bit like the I got hacked. Excuse..

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