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Today. All right. Here's the deleo. There is this writer who decided to taste test French fries from eight major fast food chains. And he says the winner surprised him. Here's what they did. The rules were simple. There was one standard order of medium fries from each restaurant. No condiments. Okay. Then the Fraser tasted onsite at the restaurant for consistency because no fries travel. Right. So these were the restaurants arby's Dairy Queen five guys, where I get all my auto parts, Wendy's chick fillet shake shack McDonald's and Burger King all fabulous places. Yes. Would have liked to have seen. Culver Culver right by eight yesterday. Oh, and they're clincal cut are so good overseas. Exclusive man. Yeah. It's exclusive clubs let an EP. Now. Did I tell you? Yeah. Oh, really? Mean who knew AAA in chaska? I mean. I go to the Culver line yesterday. And the guy comes up, you know, culverts they put a little number on your door handle, and they bring the food out to you, right. Walks by, and he says, Steve Patterson, you finally, come here, and I said, I'm here every Sunday. You're not working here. What's going on? He was very nice. That's lovely. Well, here's what the criteria. What they based it on. Okay. On a one to five scale in four categories, crisp flavor. Mouth feel. That's a really hoity toity word that I'll care feel if it smooth is a greedy, chew as it structurally, sound than their salt. A top score is perfectly salted fry anything over or under loses point scores so long story short. Who do you think one? You know you could see with him saying, surprise, you could see it being McDonalds. Oh, you would think take that as a surprise, I would use because it feels like low hanging fruit, you know, everybody knows the, the, the artisanal folks out there would be like no. But I demand more in my frie, right? Yeah. I'm looking at this list right now. All heavy contenders. Arby's dairy cue for the fries for the chicken strip basket. Oh, I go, there for the blizzard, of course to. I also not a big I love chick fillet chicken sandwiches. They're, they're, they're woven fries. Nothing better. Don't like them at all shake shake shake shack shake sachse winter know what yet cool it, right? They quickly let me take a look here on to do do chick. Five guys look pretty good. Yeah. Five guys look, like the, the French fry place at the state fair. Except they're not crinkles. Oh, they look amazing. These fries are just less satisfying. They say arby's. I can't do too greasy. Those curly fries, too. I've never. For me. Arvizu Burger King were close. Second and third shake shack crinkle cut. Yup. Crinkle cut very underrated. Fry is the critical gut. Oh, here's how the article reads on business insider, crinkle cut fries skeptics or many and their voices loud. But shake shack crinkle cut fries don't care. They simply plug their ears and refused to listen, it's definitely plausible. The shake shack had extraterrestrial help to perfect its fries. Each fries coated in a layer of golden crisp that gives way to a soft welcoming interior. Hello. They hit savory and mommy with a hint of sweetness, and they taste like potatoes oil and just the right amount of salt. There is a slight metallic aftertaste, but the first bite is so overwhelmingly delicious that this flaw easily forgiven. Okay. What did they say about Mickey? D's standby. All righty. Mcdonald's. Mcdonald's fries. They're pretty Dan, crispy with a time test the texture and mild field of blends Chewable crunch with the soft and smooth core. Their taste is distinctive to Mickey D's processed oily, savory and satisfying with a hint of metallic yet again. Where's this metallic battle about, although there, well, salted on the outside their bland inside? Sometimes mushy and sometimes dry. You know, those are the fries, many other fries are to be eaten individually. Mickey D's by the hand. Fingers into your pie hole. I agree with that actually let's see interest in any other guys. How about what you know, the these the food. Let's go to Wendy's for a moment. Okay. Sometimes crispy sometimes not these fries taste, kind of like earthy, real potatoes. But they definitely have some metallic process. Other metallic coming from about Wendy's fries. They're kind of pungent a little dry with the texture like mashed potatoes, however, they're criminally under salted now for a while. I think that they were over salted, because they were selling these with sea salt, and now that's not the case anymore. Are we anti salt, what's this? You gotta be careful with sea salt because it salts your food quicker. So if you're if you have normal salt and you're grinding you can. And if you do that, with, like pink Mediterranean, Sea salt. I agree with you guys is the one that looked like the state fair fries, and they say despite their quantity and freshness. They do I believe seldom by the bag, these are just less satisfying only sort of crispy, and sort of salty five guys relies too heavily on the real potato appeal of their fry at the expense of flavor. They're not a wholesome hardy mouth field. Excuse me. They have a wholesome hardy mouth field, but are ultimately somewhat sweet. And not very flavorful. I love how much people love fries fried talking about them? How about this? If you could only choose fries or pizza forever. Oh pizza. Golly pizza pizza with fries on top. You know, we made that we made that commitment. Now we haven't made good on it yet, but I think we're gonna have friends over in a couple of weeks from now on, if you come to have dinner at our house. It's pizza. I love it to maximize time connecting and not being bottled up in the kitchen. Sometimes you've been to now, some people, we have friends who are just fabulous at hosting, and it's effortless for them. But sometimes you'll see people, then the host lose out on the experience because they're stressed hand. I hear you. Like it. Fell it a little heavy handed, right, delicious? Everybody loves pizza. I would do pizza all the time to pizza. Loves it. What do you call it, gluten free, don't that they have gluten cauliflower one call. It's pretty good. You know, calling the east coast of you cauliflower. I think it's cauliflower. There's an I not an a next. No live live, not law. Not cauliflower cauliflower not collie Ryan politically. Okay. He's gonna say, Cauley Cawley she's gonna say, cauliflower Cali. Kali Kali flower. Tuck it Cali. Distract from my most recent law. Give next Guten dog you're on the show on mytalk one zero seven one. Who's this? So here's an interesting thing, right? Vanek. Have you ever been to sonnet now been a while since I've been to their French fries and onion rings, smell, like cotton candy really interesting? Is that a good thing? It's like it's like you know, their food and it's like you're at a carnival and it just like this whole. It's not bad. It's just weird. Weird is good though. Right. You're a no. It's very tasty. It just it you feel comfortable. It's like they just put this older of cotton candy, and it's so it's very, very delicious. I'm not gonna say anything, but I love my son. All right. Just did they do. They bring it out to you on skates. Or are they? Skates, but they, they do you do parked in the parking lot, and they do bring it out to the old school drive at yesterday. Do you. I love that Phil old school. Where are you from? Know. All right. Good talk, the assume I, I should have known. He wouldn't wanna follow up question when he ought to not to give his name. Did you ask his name? I don't remember at the beginning. Who's this, why the call you know, here's the thing. So he's he's on another radio station right now. He's doing that call. He's probably getting hit up. He's got an cat. Yeah. Hey Freitag is going to be big today. Do you want, do the rounds collie flower cauliflower? I really thought you were wrong there man pronunciation of how I say is celery seller. E let me say, I do have carrots. How about any celery, oh? You said it's the same way either friend who tells me it's celery, celery, celery, celery, fancy three nights, Mary. Yeah. I remember when we were kids, how'd you learn? How many syllables something you put your thumb on your chin? Oh, what, what do you say, where's your say, Bill bulls, you would clap? Is that? How you doing? Yeah. How'd you how did you learn? How many syllables award hat. I don't know. Hold on. Let me picture myself back in the schoolhouse. Wait. Log cabin telling me, I don't know. You put your thumb on your chin, and then say any word word then what then what happens like, say. Let's say pneumonia Monja you're feeling each time. Yeah. Like, hey, you just hear it. Why do you have to feel it with your finger? Maybe because I don't know. So just listen. You have you listened. Claps. You guys are weird. So. Guys. What Bill Hillary Bill? Hader meets Keith Morrison. Can you stand it? Oh, oh. Shot his face off. Would happen. Trump forty eight hours mystery. I don't remember because they rely dateline dateline through SNL.

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