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Piece sports I'm John leather Vic Chris Paul made some NBA postseason history Thursday night The sun's guard went 14 O 14 shooting and finished with 33 points as the suns beat the pelicans one 15 one O 9 to wrap up their first round series in 6 games Second quarter at some point that's our culture So I'm going to get aggressive I mean I told him that and then coming out to third quarter I sort of saw how the game was going The thing that is down ten so no I had to try to sort of force the issue In Utah Mike Conley traveled turning the ball over with 5 seconds left allowing the map racks to hang on to beat the jazz 98 96 They win that series and 6 games In Toronto Joel embiid had 33 points as they sixers wrapped up their first round series with a convincing one 32 97 game 6 win James Harden chipped in with 22 points We knew for entire four quarter game if we had a mindset defensely to be engaged and rebounded basketball we had a pretty good chance of winning To baseball starting in the American League the Yankees won their 6th in a row at ten 5 doubling of the Orioles in New York correspondent Tom Marriott has more The angst were down two zero in the 5th when Tim la Castro reached on Kevin Gutierrez's era triggering a four run rallied to give New York the lead for good Aaron judge drove in four runs for the yanks with a single and a game sealing three run Homer the 8th The Oz had an equally frustrating game on offense since they left ten runners on base in the first 6 innings The other American League winners included the rays twins Astros and royals the Blue Jays and angels In the national league the Phillies completed a four game sweep of the rockies with a 7 one win Other winners in the junior circuit the Cardinals the braves Marlins brewers and San Diego NHL Nashville moved into the first wild card spot in the west after a 5 four shoot at win in Colorado Matthias eko had the game tying goal for the prince early in the third Other winners included the islanders Boston Florida and Carolina blue jackets Minnesota Edmonton and Vancouver I'm John leathery AP sports Researchers confirm what dog lovers know every pup is truly an individual There is a popular belief that each breed of dog has their own specific behavior and habits in the journal science study co author Eleanor Carlson at the university of Massachusetts says it's a stereotype That kind of facet of behavior is very shaped by a dog's environment and by their life experiences and very little leverage genetics Eleanor Kelly was walking her English Springer spaniel in New York who's friendly but she's also kind of the queen bee While Rachel Kim's mix braid is Really affectionate with me and my husband But pretty Pretty suspicious of other people Some dogs match what we think they should be but Carlson says a lot of them don't We have a tendency to pay attention to the dogs kind of remember the ones that fit into our stereotypes and forget about the ones that don't fit into our stereotypes The researchers even found golden retrievers who don't retrieve I'm Ed Donahue President Biden is signaling a long-term commitment to Ukraine while asking Congress for an additional $33 billion to help keep fight off the Russian invasion The president says fighting the war against Moscow's aggression is not cheap but caving would be even more costly It's critical this funding gets approved and approved as quickly as possible Which he says will not just give the Ukrainian military what it needs and the crucial months ahead but also start a transition to longer term security aid to keep deterring Russia The aid package is more than double the initial 13.6 million Congress approved last month as the war enters its third month Sagar Meghani at The White House The Food and Drug Administration will reveal its plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars FDA commissioner Robert califf says the proposal would reduce disease and deaths by helping current smokers quit and preventing younger people from starting He previewed the agency's announcement in congressional testimony Menthol accounts for more than a third of U.S. cigarette sales The mint flavor is very popular among black smokers and young people The FDA has attempted several times to get rid of menthol but has always faced pushback from big tobacco members of Congress and competing political interests Mike Hempen Washington President Biden is asking Congress to provide billions more in aid to Ukraine as Russia's bloody war enters its third month It's a $33 billion request for military economic and humanitarian aid more than double a package Congress approved last month This one is meant to show the U.S. is not growing weary of backing Kyiv Because of this fight it's not cheap But KV new aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen He's urging fast action in Congress where there's wide support for giving Ukraine all it needs But the president's also asking lawmakers to approve billions more to battle the COVID-19 pandemic I don't care how they taught how they do it I'm sending them both up I mean they can do it separately or together but we need them both Sagar Meghani at The White House The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell again last week with numbers holding at historically low levels The Labor Department says there were 5000 fewer jobless claims last week than the week before at 180,000 The four week average which smooths out weekly ups and downs rose by more than 2000 claims but in mid April there were just over 1.4 million people getting unemployment the lowest number in more than 50 years hiring remains robust despite the pandemic slowdowns which at one point had unemployment at 14.7% two years ago Now it's a low 3.6% I'm Jackie Quinn Ukrainian officials have said Russia's offensive in the east has picked up momentum with several towns coming under intense attack Ukrainian army spokesman Alexander stupin confirmed the Russian military has been more forceful than in recent days The enemy is increasing the pace of the offensive operation the Russian occupiers are exerting intense firing in almost all areas The fighting in the second phase of the Russian invasion is focused on the potentially pivotal battle in the eastern industrial region of the Donbass and close to kharkiv As bombs rain down on the eastern town of severo Donetsk residents knew both pavlina curses the Russian invasion They're destroying not only our young guys but they are also sending their own to die I wish death to Putin and all of those around him United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres visited towns outside the capital of Kyiv the towns show evidence of mass killings of civilians after Russia's retreat from the area The highest price is paid by civilians I'm Karen Chammas AP.

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