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And tommy john knows difficult to try something new so guess what your first pair is covered by the incredible best pair you'll ever wear or it's free guarantee all right i go to tommy john dot com now to duty to check out the complete line of go anywhere underwear shirts and sox use code adam and save twenty percent on your first were that's tommy john dot com code adam for twenty percent off tommy john dot com code adam saw finish my analogy and mental circle back a little early i feel like this the government we were talking about the old owner six not they're not hip to what's going on with the government for the last two hundred thirty five years or whatever just they get their thiel said they did whatever they had that do you know it's no big deal john kennedy to have a couple of gals over the white house for a little swim party give someone a blow job in the shallow and that's what you do when you're the president whilst you can read the president rarely get paid up a buck twentyfive a year right that ain't gonna cut that's not going to cut its hit the others did and and now we did a thing where it's like a you know you want some uranium died but get five hundred grand a bill he'll give a little speech over there and it was like yeah that's just that was business now we don't get to do that because they're above us croat they watch us so you can do what you do as a lawyer and i can do what i do as a business owner.

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