President Trump, Florida, Iheartradio Station discussed on Mark Levin


Iheartradio station. Landfall expected tomorrow. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. Hurricane Michael a dangerous category. Three storm. It's now two hundred fifty five miles south of Panama City, Florida is not taking this dramatically and neither should any family in the state. I spoke with the president yesterday. And he just approved the pre landfall disaster requests we made yesterday. Is allows us to bring more federal resources towards also declared a state emergency in thirty five forty counties. Florida governor Rick Scott mandatory evacuation order is now in place for citrus county, more than a quarter million people have impacted by mandatory or voluntary evacuations to get out of the storm's path her resignation only hours old and speculation as a ready begun as to who would replace you want embassador, Nikki Haley, President Trump saying former deputy national security adviser, Tina Powell is on the short list, data certainly a person I would consider and she is under consideration. We have actually many name Kelly's departure was made public this morning. No, President Trump says she told him six months ago as she planned to leave at the end of the year. The president now in council bluffs, Iowa telling the audience changes he's proposing to gasoline blends will help farmer. President Trump's visit to council bluffs comes after. He proposed lifting a federal ban on summer sales of high ethanol blends of gasoline farm. In Iowa and other states pushing for greater sales of the corn based fuel. We.

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