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You remember a couple years ago when they had kind of underachieved they went and got like Marco belly and like Ilias over whatever and the numbers with those guys on the court were unbelievable because Ilias would stay in the corner and would shirt floor they're obviously not good enough but it was just the theory of, Hey this isn't rocket science here how about I go and I have jj Redick, Jimmy Butler, and another guy that could shoot the idea that out brand went in the off season and. Said these are guys and I guess, you thought our who's going to be your power forward and that that would be good together because surely you didn't spend that kind of money on a backup center and then you saw Tobias Harris and thought this is a good I mean it was doomed from the start. It's a bad fit and it doesn't make a ton of basketball you gotta I. Tell You this. If I had been simmons I'd flanked him with four shooters, and if I had Joel Embiid, I'd flank him with four shooters and if I had both -able I, sure as hell with three shooters like this is that. Sometimes, you ain't got to think too hard on this stuff and. I mean that is a absolute debacle and I know Brown's taken eating maximize it. He didn't do a great job but on the other hand, that's a bad mix guys to try to get the win with for sure I mean I pick them to go to the files before the season because I expected their defense to be even despite potential offense struggles I thought their defense would be dominant little lead with Simmons with Horford you know getting back healthy. But it didn't happen. This was not a dominant defense at all despite Simmons bead being who they are. HORFORD has not gotten back to being the guy that he was before Richardson was not the same level that he was in. MIAMI This team did not get the contributions they needed across the roster on defense and they also seem like a disconnected defense obviously, we know about their struggles on the road With Philadelphia men, they need undeniably a guy who can create off the dribble from the perimeter not Simmons Ben Simmons is your guy who is just a major weapon in transition who's a major weapon in the half court attacking off others of short roll pick and roll. But you don't have that point guard who can do that for you. Josh Richardson did not get better from what he was in Miami. He got worse as a Ball Hammer. He got worse as a shock creator do not shoot the ball as well as he did. They haven't been able to find that other guy tried to out with Netto at Burke with Alex burks didn't work out with any of them but they gotta find somebody of said the same of bunch and I'm obsessed with the idea of Chris Paul for them. Whether it's Paul or whether somebody else somebody in the draft, they gotta find that guy who and create off the dribble in the half court enable in order to both space to floor when Simmons and embiid habits but also create for those dudes. Simmons. Also needs a actually spot up and shoot threes. He didn't before he got hurt he didn't do it enough and I'm I'm still occupants he can do it effectively with embiid. And Simmons it can work. It's just hard to build around those guys. This circles back to whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong about it. It's why I ranked. Ingraham ahead of Simmons in the draft to him, he's a hard guy to build around you gotTa have the right pieces you got to have the right pieces to build a get round a guy like that especially when he's on the same roster somebody like Joel. EMBIID. Is embiid himself also as a low thirty percent three point shooter in also is not somebody who rolls hard to the rim. He just doesn't. He just wonder if you waste years trying racing year noted on, say trying to do it and that we're GONNA come back a year from now Kev, and say since hard to build, they get a new coach they just hard to build around those guys they move they somehow find. A landing place for Horford and get you know whatever a quarter on the dollar just because somebody's taking on that contract maybe they find you know place for Paris or maybe they just keep Paris because they've got so much invested in him but they find a place for over and say man it still it's just it's hard to build around these guys now in fairness if I'm a Philly Fan I'm going we had it built. We lost the frigging last shot of the game to the team that won the championship and both of those guys walked away in free agency and you got me Shittier players like you had it. If you roll out there jj reading Jimmy Butler Ben Simmons a Joel Embiid. Now I got one other guy find another guy that could shoot the ball like I've got a team that could play for the championship for real and they had those guys and let those guys walk and then replace them with worst fits you know in in in Horford and and terrorists, and so it it clearly can be done. It can right kid we just saw it I know where they lost but I looked at that and said boy if I could run that back, take another crack at that especially with Kuwa- gone but they just F- that up they that up bad and the first sacrificial lamb is Brett Brown but I'm a Philly fans on this man you gotta clean that out. Those are those are unforgivable heirs to trade all that shit away for Tobias hairs and then give him the stupidest contract.

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