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Who get your tax could possible flynn harden i'm barton necker republicans on capitol hill or out with their overall tax cut plan thinking they have the votes to approve it next week it would eliminate the obama care coverage mandate to help pay for the cuts while lowering effective tax rates for those on the top and bottom of the economic ladder more from bob costantini there are seven tax brackets in the final tax bill for those on a lower end of the income scale with adjusted gross income and mary couple of nineteen thousand fifty dollars they would only pay ten percent in taxes on the upper end of the scale though another break for married couples making six hundred thousand dollars and above the tax would be thirty seven percent down from thirty nine points six percent the old top rate speaking to reporters outside the white house president trump was asked whether he was considering a pardon for his former top security adviser michael flynn who has pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi how do i want to talk about we'll see what happened let's say i can say this when you look at what's going on with the fbi edward the justice department people of very very angry a firefighter with the young family has been killed in the massive thomas biron southern california are jim rupe reports 32yearold korea elaborates him was killed while battling one of the most active fronts of the fire iverson worked for cal fire in san diego county fire director ken pimlot says his young engineers death underscores the danger inherent to the job which must go on fire fight in front of us continues to go on the community's we are protecting our depending on us and we will not fail the tomba's fire burning since december iv is now approaching five hundred thousand acres and has destroyed seven hundred twenty nine homes stocks finished higher on wall street as congressional.

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