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A quality doormat is one of the first lines of defence against bringing dirt Pollen Germs and other pollutants into your home. With removing dirt and moisture from shoes, preventing water from ruining your floors or Greece from being tracked into the House hopefully also preventing slips the most fun reason of all though is it provides a finishing touch to the entrance and can impact guests first impressions. Anyone who's worked in any kind of sales and marketing capacity. In the last twenty years is familiar with the term elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is a short description of an idea or product that explains the concept in a way that any listener can understand it in a very short period of time one theory on its origin as at the original elevator pitch comes from studio days in. Hollywood. When a screenwriter would supposedly catch an unsuspecting executive on an elevator ride, they're stuck within the confines of the elevator. The screenwriter would pitch an idea to the decision maker in thirty sixty, even hundred seconds forcing the person delivering the concept to be concise. Today I would like to challenge you to come up with your own elevator pitch for you as a person who are you in a short and concise elevator pitch version. Lynn is in control. She is a dog loving God. Fearing woman who spent her childhood on the coast of Delaware Adores lobster tail, and growing herbs Terry is flamboyant and the life of the party ever the hostess she bakes a mean rhubarb pie is obsessed with Halloween and house plants. Kevin is an aspiring comedian who rescues every animal he possibly can but loves a traditional home he went to Michigan State University and things. Coffee is the best thing on earth. This brings me to the topic at hand today front door mats. This mad is more than a place to wipe your feet. It's an opportunity to make a statement about who lives there. Take inspiration from your elevator pitch. If you look at your current Matt, what does it say about you? What does it say about the people that live under your roof what what I surmise if I walked up to your door right now and looked at the combination of your door and your door Matt. Maybe. It says she has a sense of humor or he obviously loves dogs. Maybe it says that the people that live here are a mess or maybe it says we just moved in. You can deduce a lot by just the front door matt whether it has words are not as relevant. You get a feeling from how that front door area is presented. Let's discuss sizing? There is no standard size for doormats although most are rectangular with dimensions around eighteen by twenty, four inches and oversized doormat would run generous twenty four by thirty six inches large enough for multiple users and good to think about if you have a double door entry. Materials range from up cycled rubber polyester cotton engineered plastic. Rubber. Provides durability water resistance, and a solid grip. But synthetic and natural fibers provide traction for scraping and the ability to retain dirt and debris. I want to mention a doormat that I just got from a company called letter folk. I'd like to read you a bit about them, Johnny and Joanna are the husband and wife co founders of letter folk an American brand dedicated to creating meaningful products inspired by simpler times for the better part of the Twentieth Century Letter Board served as an efficient way of neatly and uniform displaying dynamic information there plane they're not digital and they require a little bit of labor and yet despite all of their shortcomings, there's an unmistakable beauty in these boards. The sharp contrast of the White Serif letters against the texture jet black felt. The subtle artistry of letter placement. And leading. The. Power of a single word against a sea of negative space. It's for all these reasons and more that they wanted to repurpose. Re Imagine and redesign yesterday's letter board for today's home. At the time they could never have imagined that seed of an idea could have exploded into the everyday life moments, milestones, announcements, and events that letter boards are used for today as letter full has grown. So has their brand vision and product offerings at the core of every letter. Folk Product is their passion to create premium meaningful products. They design products that add purpose and beauty to our homes and our lives products that tell your story. Products that create experiences products that pull us off our devices and into the physical world when Johnny and Joanna are not writing out love notes, nineties, hip hop lyrics, and passive aggressive reminders on their letter boards. They enjoy spending time as a family with their three kids binge watching Netflix and pretending to know what work life balance looks like. Well, my hat goes off to you too forgiving the doors of the world, some mats with personality. I bought a Tile Matt, which is an all purpose matt that's customizable using vintage inspired hexagon tile removable caps that can be used to create endless patterns, designs and words no matter the season or occasion you can change your Tile Matt's design over and over again, all year round to say whatever you want to say I was delighted to find that they even have a tile matt design tool on their website and an inspiration tab to I'll put links on the facebook group page as always and I. Want to also invite you to follow them on instagram at letter folk because they post. So many fun ideas and sayings there lots of inspiration to be had like stay sane plant mom.

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