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That's 806 100. 10, which happens to be 7, 20 wg and 18 minutes after seven o'clock with John Land after we return now to hipness and Tom Hush last night. Slightly confused between Barry Manilow and Barry White. So tonight, actually, I could turn this into a A challenge, not a contest because there's no prize, but I'm going to play. I tried to sit down last night and think of every singer. Artist. That I could come up with whose name He is buried. Well, obviously, there's very white and there's very man alone. But there are others, and I put them all together in a tiny little montage. And I'll bet How bad No. One I mean, no one could get them all. Okay, I'm gonna play him. There's no, you know, It's not like a contest. It's just sort of a challenge a fun thing. Obviously, you can't call now and say what they are because you haven't heard. But you will ready all of these all the following our t's ts. Name first name. Very I had made my baby fall in me. Eastern world is exploding fighting soldiers from the sky forever. Yeah, they're.

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