President Biden, Russia, Mario Pole discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak Europe


Also down trading at one ten 33 the Japanese yen flat of one 1874 that is a blueberry business flash is the younger is with our top stories good morning Caroline good morning and thank you President Biden as branded Russia's Vladimir Putin a war criminal and offered $800 million worth of new weaponry to Ukraine including 100 armed drones This comes as Russian forces continue to strike infrastructure targets Ukraine says Moscow bombed a theater yet Mario pole that was serving as a civilian shelter In his nightly video Ukrainian president Vladimir zelensky said negotiations with Russia were continuing Now as the deadline for coupon payments on Russia's dollar bonds drew to a close yesterday there were no sign that holders had received their cash Several bond owners told Bloomberg they hadn't received payments in dollars and weren't aware if cash had been paid into account in Russia The nation has a grace period of now 30 days to pay off those coupons in dollars before creditors can determine that a default has occurred And British Iranian charity worker Nas NI zagari Radcliffe is back in the UK after being freed from almost 6 years of Iranian detention The release along with a second British Iranian national comes after years of negotiation between both London and Tehran with the.

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