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Garden hotline. Now, here's your host, Mike Miller, odd k. Hey, you can't leave. Today. USA today is at a hockey outfit. All right. Oh, sorry. Okay. Yeah. The US world juniors team, which I know you've been following. They played for the gold medal against Finland this evening. So I got up USA jersey tour today to show support. So what channels are going to be on the NHL network? Fifteen on direct TV. All right. I'll have the blues on one TV and the world juniors on the other. Wow. So I gotta work. I separate my is. You gotta take off PGA hatha. Now, I gotta wear that. No look at that. That's why I'm wearing that. I'll put it back on. Thank you. Zev blues hat on. Now, I don't wear that to work that both of my blues. Hats are really dirty. Oh, yeah. So I don't wear those to work. Yeah. I smelled before. Yeah. Thanks, brian. And folks, if you do have any questions, welcome to the second hour of the garden hotline, I'll be giving the tip of the trial shortly. But right now, you can call three one four four three six seven nine hundred or one eight hundred nine to five eleven twenty. And thanks for having me on your show. We can talk about plant selection the ups and downs related to annuals. Again. I continue to see and in the promenade area. Pansies the cool season. Flowers are still really looking good. Now, we haven't had you know, we've had some cold weather, but not bad enough to sort of knock the pansies down summer and pods close to buildings, but some are not they're out in bed spaces, so wow, you never know. How about Bob's? Did you get all your spring, flowering bulbs? Your daffodils tulips crocus, your hyacinths are they planted? And did you get some new bulbs as holiday gifts like amaryllis? How do you take care of those? What do you need to do? When are they gonna flower? Are they in flower now than what can you expect edibles about got some lettuce out there growing how much longer is this going to do well because it is a cool season. Edible your ground. Covers you got a whole bunch of trees close by in.

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