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Good home. She lives dob school shooting because you continue to look into this. Wow. That's crazy. And you know, I gotta give out of credit to. Come on. That research, but it's just a screen shot. Locked account enhance bright rewind rewind looming too much percent. On the negative. Reflection reflected that window. He's in Lawrenceville Kentucky. Let's go. Run it through Google images. One more time, they knew look is yelp reviews. Leave the house now. He had two twos. Ness. There's no doubt in my mind. As there's investigation we save lives said police Commissioner Rick Sanders this show man had it in his mind and go to schools create heavy he had the twos necessary. And then tetanus third thing that's behind him. And he was law enforcement. I'm. In the sad. But I'm glad to shit series. Did you know how many people get college? This internet bullshit, and they don't go looking to do. It's amazing. You can imagine that much artillery in a bulletproof vest and shit and be on Twitter talking talking while reckless do people not kicked off to not kicked off of Facebook, by the way. And nothing happened in like, no one looks into your nothing. It just a mom being nosy dabbing to be the one because he happened the threat. These threatens buyers kids who he wasn't even planning on attacking who lives states away because he just wouldn't shut the fuck up. That's the only reason he got old his plan got in with. It would have got away with if it wasn't for those damn biracial kids, and they mama. Scooby doo. When police searched his home, they found an internet search history or how to conduct a school shooting. Ooh, just leave all openness case. Can we just find ever result to that? And shut those pages on Phil. Like that. Shouldn't I know freedom of speech and everything like that shouldn't be a thing on the internet. You can easily on. Okay. So you wanna make dark way of I don't know nothing about. Google Google the dark with Google. No. That's the way it should be in the black hole way of wherever that place is salvia Anderson county schools, according to press release police say also revealed that he had been question about an FBI regarding social media threats towards Tennessee school question. That's it. He was chartered to terrorists threatening. And what kind of harassed communications being held and Shelby kinda still here being questioned before he had been caught threatening the school before. And this was still on the streets. They knew he was aren't wow. Oh my God. We don't we don't care going guns over everything that that's that's why she probably say some kids lives, but it had to be that way in the first place. Speaking of which Brooklyn cafe shuts down at their customers. Learn owners prow prow boys hate group member shout to Brooklyn. That's that. Yeah. We thought about it before right there. Hey group. All right. Keeping a grad episode about it Dante narrow used to be like a member seen as a leader of one. And he said oh time he had no idea. They was a hate group. So. Brooklyn cafe reported reported on by member of group. Proud boys is now shut down at the internet's.

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