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Farright party into government as part of a coalition bethany veil is in vienna if the polls the correct political shakeup could be on the cards in austria after more than a decade in which the social democrats have led a coalition with the conservatives the mood in austria seems to be moving to the right the conservative leader thirty one year old sebestien courts has gained support because is it's tough line against migrants the poll suggest he's lucky to win first place the farright freedom party is battling the social democrats second place and could form a coalition with the conservatives at least forty people are now known to have been killed by wildfires that have devastated a major californian wine region over the past week hundreds of others are unaccounted for and what's the worst wildfires in the history of the us bbc news china's former justice minister who i union has been expelled from the ruling communist party following a corruption investigation she served in the rule for more than a decade until february she was one of twelve senior officials expelled as the communist party prepared for crucial congress this week which will set the dow our action of the country for the coming years the authorities in hong kong of suspended some transport services after warning that a powerful typhoon will approach the territory in the coming hours typhoon come noon is expected to generate winds of up to one hundred fifty kilometres an hour and caused flooding in low lying areas ferries and some flights serving hong kong you have been suspended the international monetary fund this warned that growth in the global economy is at risk of faltering because of uncomfortably low inflation and rising geopolitical tensions the imf said recovery from the global downturn was not yet complete the knowledge that there have been an increase in economic activity driven by a pickup in and trade and factory output a monastry in western germany that's existed for nearly nine hundred years is to close its doors because of.

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