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It's how we respond to it. When we get not down how we get back up. What do we do. How do we and so those four values only make sure them on players. Leave those things again just like your days like read. The defense is receptive to line. I felt like you've read my second question about sayer. Because i wanted to know what you hope you. The guys take away from the time working with you and playing. So thank you for doing that. Man i love that now of course can talk about your time the nfl before you finish off the father. Quick five did mention man. Nfl comeback player of the year twice. What did that mean to you. Winning it twice. That's fantastic right there. Well first of all you don't want a major annette award because of eight something true you do have to experience adversity when i was going through those injuries Instead of asking the question why we just ask the question. Why not me There are worse things going on than bad shoulders in this world in so this could be a store that someone use for their own inspiration than let me be the vessel to do that and so that was my mindset. I had great people around me to help me rehab at great coaches around me in most important ahead. Great teammates and so To be able to come back from two Basically the first two major shoulder injuries the second one is actually get far beyond the. I got fired by the jets. Went to miami. We're able to Upto history by going eleven to five within the east and that was a fun time because we had a really young teed. Not very many veterans in so just being able to be in that situation help helper. Young guys learned understand what what mesa to be a winner and be a pros really cool. But both both instances both awards or special to me because the bercy which have to overcome. I think a lot of times people don't realize when you're facing in bercy. How much physical mental energy have to put in just to get through it right and then once you get through it. You're back to normalcy in your almost exhausted because you hadn't been so get through the adversity in so you're really understanding how to your time how to make sure that joe organized that that you had that restaurant it doesn't matter it could be sports. It could be something outside of sports..

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