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The time. Um, yeah, Not many people know, he John Syria came to my show in Egypt. I hosted them on my show that bigger than being on his shelf for me. That was me. That was a validation. And you know what's funny is like when Jon Stewart came to my show. He He was like he could not believe the under reception. He had it, Kyle and he told me like he took me on the sides like I could have never believed, like a short Jewish guy from Jersey would come and be grated like this in the middle of cattle. Hey, tell us about tonight. I've been talking about what you're doing tonight, Everybody, one thing they've missed his life comedy shows. So this is the New Brunswick Stress factory Tonight and tomorrow. How do you do a comedy show in today's lockdown World. I have never. I mean, think is like First of all, the setup is weird. You cannot do it inside. You can do it in the indoors, but you can do it outdoors. If you collect used up in a tent, so it becomes indoor, But you still outdoors, so it is really it's really messed up. But of course, everybody there is like social. This thing there's like a limited capacity. The people with masks. And it is it is great that Lake, you know, so I think we need comedy, especially in these times and the stress factor. Veni Veni brand has been like wonderful and he's like, like, kind of like opening his club for comedians and come and perform. And is the second time I come here Do Brunswick. You know, it was like a huge hit before, So Vinnie invited me back, and it's of course it's discussed, but and it's all the same. And you know, the acoustics are not the same because you are out there in attempted. You feel like I don't know if this is like a comedy show or a wedding. But so I, You know, it's yesterday was the first night. I have, like two shows tonight and two shows tomorrow. And I mean, it's been great. I mean, I just like wanted. I want to tell you to your listeners. We're having a lot off Arab, very Arab friends, friendly Arabs that come to the show and we need more white people there, so please wait, listening. White dress practice Stress factory, New Brunswick Tonight and tomorrow has dressed which goes very well with white people. I mean, we can't just just come. Just come and laugh with your fellow Arabs who probably will love blow you up. I mean, I guarantee you these are like the friendliest Arabs ever and and and they can't even get drunk with you. Which is get great. Can you Can you manage? I'm like This is like this is how we can get people together in America you've been on before we we talked about the Middle East. Would you just explain something to me? You know, the Middle East as well as anybody in the U. S. And there's always the U. S foreign policy. What to do in the Middle East. What we should do in them. What should the U s do in the Middle East? Well, I mean, there's like two answers the short answer, just like just leave it alone because people in the Middle East and even figure it out on the second and the second, which is like the most serious note. I mean, he's he's what the United States happens. They always like supply weapons to be papers in the Middle East, right? And they kind of like, get the and make them more powerful. And then they said, Like, Why Can't we have democracy in the Middle East? Like why don't you tell me? You already know you're the one who actually Empowering. The people are killing democracy, So it's kind of like it's a catch 22. But all the conflict in the Middle East is this was that just meant to be, and it's always gonna be that way, and we should just leave it alone. Yeah. I mean, I mean it. Z. Yeah. Azad told you like even people in the Middle East when when, when? When we see when we see like people from the West Coming. We need to help you with your conflict, and we're like, Oh, that's huge way. Don't even know we don't even know how to start with this conflict. Uh, well, everybody go see, Uh well, not everybody, does it 25% capacity, but what you want to do if you want to see Boston Yusef tonight, go to new Brunswick dot stress factory dot com and make a reservation. He's gonna be at the stress factory in New Brunswick tonight to shows and tomorrow night. Two shows a go see him. He's great and just Google him or watching on YouTube. Get his books. Excellent stuff. Bassem Yusef. Thanks for being with us. Thank you so much. And please why people come tonight to the stress factory. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Uh, Also every check out the Web page. We put up new video every day and take a look at this one. Here's all the Democrats involved in the impeachment. Watch this. This is what's this flip flop? This is them years ago, saying it's wrong to impeach a president should never impeach a president. No impeachable..

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