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Bremerton police think they've solved a twenty six year old cold case. Caroline Hickey was found dead in her apartment in late nineteen Ninety-two anti Tecos mate years trying to figure out who killed her with no success. But the Bremerton PD says newly process DNA evidence help point them in a new direction. They still didn't have a name, but the same DNA matched and murder suspect in Idaho, finally, Boise. Police frackdown Lee Robert Miller, they tested his DNA. They say they found a match Bremerton police headed to Idaho and arrested Miller who now faces second degree murder charges in Kitsap county. Charlie Harger, KOMO news Nevada supreme court has upheld murder convictions. And a death sentence for a man who killed three people, including a woman from Washington and a vehicle vehicle shooting in crash in Las Vegas in two thousand thirteen Amar Harris mortally shot Kenneth cherry as Jerry drove a car that slammed into a taxi that exploded killed in the explosion. Where passenger Sandra Sutton wash? Maple valley and the cab driver DNA evidence from fatal home invasion near white center is linked to a twenty four year old Lynnwood man as komo's Eric Heintz. Reports King County sheriff's detectives think the suspect may be hiding on the east side. Michael Roberts was charged last week with first degree murder accused of killing Ricardo villa last November in a shootout in the victim's apartment Roberts remains at large. And is wanted on a two million dollars warrant investigators? Tell the Seattle times robbery seems to be the likely motive for the home invasion has the victim and his girlfriend who survived the attack or strangers to Roberts. He's possibly hiding in Kirkland or another eastside city. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. President Trump's introducing the world Seattle native Pat Shanahan as the former bowling executive takes his place. The new Pentagon chief? Komo's Corwin Hake has more Shanahan's debut, the new acting secretary of defense Sandra actually to the left of President Trump has Trump invited the press to cover his first cabinet meeting of twenty thousand nineteen. Who is acting secretary of defense who has been such a pleasure to work for I work with the president of the university of Washington grant as a supporter of a wall along the us Mexico border Shanahan reports to the president the work is well underway despite the funding impasse that has led to a partial government shutdown restoration of the fences.

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Bremerton, Komo, President Trump discussed on News, Traffic and Weather

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