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This is Michael savage filling in for myself and these are trying times and or many of you are stuck at home for the first time in your life since you're a kid I've been working at home for so many years it's not that big an adjustment for me to be honest with you you know maybe one day this week I'll do a little segment on how to adjust to being home alone and working at home alone it's very difficult she when you work in an office and have to schlep in every day on a car or a bus or subway or this or that you dream boy I wish I didn't have to commute you don't realize the benefits of it the social world that you have in your office did you lose it try working at home and see what it's like which of course many of you were doing some of your working at all in this six times that we're living in very sad tragic six times but you have to adjust to the times and truthfully a lot of people gonna fall by the wayside hope you're not one of them and I hope to be with you during this crisis and get through it together with you when that will be but we do not know nobody knows nobody can predict I mean what's the model for the Spanish flu and then I came back roaring even worse in the second variety of that particular H. one N. one a flu virus we don't know what this is going to do this is a rather new situation today on the program I'm going to read to you the treatment protocol not from some crackpot in upstate New York who has no controls whatsoever I would say well he did three hundred patients and they all got better and use Clark when I don't believe a word of it that's number one I'm gonna read it from a New Orleans well I'm a doctor in the ER doctor who is treating them on the front lines an emergency room doctor an emergency room doctor and his main line is stay home trust the doctors and scientists that's what he said stay home trust the doctors and scientists I can't believe there are people in radio have the nerve to say things such as all the models that were presented to president trump himself the other day where he extended the deadline from said the magic number of of Easter Sunday even the president looked at the projections that I see it let's do it and yet you've got people who I don't understand how they get away with it in a time like this who are saying that scientists are all corrupt well the scientists are fake giving out fake science it's sickening to me every doctor that I trust the saying stay home trust the doctors and scientists don't go to work if you don't have to and yes the doctors and governors need every ventilated they say they do and this is going to come to you from an ER doctor major doctor who is treating them treating COPD patients hello I read through some of it's good some of its bad but I'm taking this more seriously than I did before but before we get to that and what you can do to protect yourself I'm still the only one in the media maybe the world of the American media still telling you take your shoes off when you come home but no the CDC guys and caught up with common sense advice like that it's still wash your face and hands I can't believe this what are we living in the sixteen hundreds if I preheat it's like the pre knowledge of the of the bacterial theory of disease the germ theory of disease wash your hands and face very good doctor South Street can you now tell me leave their shoes off at the door no not yet so maybe I have something to offer you over the weekend I put things in perspective for myself I had to you know I have a responsibility to you remember that's not just a severe blow hot air at you right now I am called to duty right now I have to use all of my education all of my knowledge and I shouldn't have for whatever it's worth it's worth an awful lot in the media where there is no education knowledge in the fields in which I am an expert yes you heard me if I do not say that you will not hear it I went to the San Francisco national cemetery a large military cemetery on Saturday I went to pay my respects to the fallen heroes and some of those gravestones go back to the civil war I stood next to the World War one gravestones World War two Vietnam Korean War vets it really levels you're down it really brings you down down down I don't mean I don't even depressing way it puts things in in in perspective many of those men lying in those graves in the national cemetery here died from the flu by the way I swept away the grim reaper came but I gotta chill through me as the fog cut through me as I spoke to the fallen heroes I needed perspective it was very important I went there because it's the way of all flesh that's what awaits all of us one way or the other sooner or later in pain or no pain why am I telling you this I have no idea why I'm just telling it to you god tell me to tell you know god didn't come into my living room and tell me to tell it to you no I didn't see Jesus in a tear drop Moses didn't come down and take me a matzah for five from Passover I have some information that may be of use to you you want one of them here I'll read one little line from eight from the ER doctor chloroquine isn't helping the sickest patients I'm quoting him now I know it was just approved by the government he said the chloroquine isn't helping the sickest patients he said as liver toxic effects and he's no longer select selectively prescribing plaque on it which is a little different so yeah maybe it'll work as a preventive who knows I it we don't have enough studies to know but I know we're looking for the magic bullet we all want to believe in magic and the magic bullet meanwhile pelo see should be arrested and deported for what she did she should be thrown in prison if Lincoln were in office right now Pelosi would be behind bars for that crazy woman who is back S. crazy and evil like I've never seen anyone as evil as are a close second to pelo see is the witch from New York occasional cortex these until the craziest people at a time like this I've ever seen she comes out and says things that the president because this the president because this when he was the one when he imposed the travel ban on people from China do you know what this B. S. crazy woman said pelo see in all the Democrat liars thieves Vermentino what they said he was a racist for closing down travel from China that's what this B. S. crazy woman had the nerve to say how in the world can we get through this with crazy people like that with such a big mouth blaming him for coronavirus deaths hi again I have to remind you when it closed down China this switch screen he was a racist but I'm getting ahead of myself now we got a Cuomo Cuomo now Mister homie the homeboy Cuomo playing the god father in his apartment somewhere I don't worry as he did a meatball show over the weekend I know he's a big fan of my show she did meatballs I don't blame him for liking my show we must listen should because I speak the truth and he knows he knows that I sound like his father and the man he hung around with as a kid she knows there's some truth in what I say and underneath it all he probably knows I'm right about ninety nine percent of the things and agrees with most of them but he can't in the state flooded with illegal aliens run by the corrupt machine he's got a make believe is on the other side so now Cuomo wants to run for the presidency hasn't said it but he did a meatball show yesterday meatball shop how could he run well it could be a brokered convention in the offing of Cuomo numbers upon those numbers are high enough but I will tell you right now Cuomo's tough guy Italian persona does not sell outside of NYC west of the Hudson Cuomo doesn't sell you could take that one to the bank they don't like him nobody likes the tough Italian act outside of New York it plays on mulberry street and in that area I kinda like listening to what the meatball story but it doesn't play well and then there's a few things in his background that you may not want to know about but as a talk show host who is a realist it will come up anyway did you know that in the past when he ran when he was competing with mayor Koch of New York since past the great guy mayor Koch by the way and there were rumors about mayor Koch them floating around about his sexual orientation do we have the sound Jim of the of the question I think you need to hear my audience needs the other question and the answer and you'll you'll not believe this listen to this and and and the next clip the run off with Mario Cuomo yeah got ugly did he was very ugly and some of his supporters started going around saying vote for Cuomo not the homo they put up the signs on queens Boulevard it was the whole Boulevard it was shocking how do you deal with something like what white house vote for Cuomo not the home of well I don't think you can dust that campaign slogan often run against trump okay good but that's not the point of my playing that this is part of his background no he didn't do it but he was asked to stop the goodbyes from putting that up along queens Boulevard and apparently Koch said he didn't know anything about the other vote for home on not the cool vote for Cuomo not the homeowner it's it's just something you need to know that's all that's something you need to know and it's going to come up again so now you got people saying that the president doesn't know what he's doing so far out she goes in front of the president shows on.

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