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In riverside county last night is CHP officer was killed after a gunman opened fire during a traffic stop two other officers were injured in the gunman was killed by police Brian Railsback as with riverside PD officials say the dozens of rounds were fired and witnesses even reported seeing bullets flying through their windshields it appears that the riverside police department the California highway patrol and the riverside sheriff's department were all part of that officer involved shooting so this is a multi agency investigation of fallen officer has been identified as Andrew Morley meanwhile the suspect's father identified the gunman as forty nine year old Erin Luther of Beaumont California the father said his son was having physical and marital problems and governor Gavin Newsom issued a statement to following the death of officer more he said that he will be remembered for his commitment to serving the riverside county community in honor of the officer capital flags in Sacramento will fly today at half staff and city flags in center Feller flying at full staff again this comes one week after mayor Gerry Phillips order the flags to be lowered until Congress took action on gun control now the mayor said the gesture has fulfilled part of its purpose of bringing attention to the issue of gun violence KCBS is Jeffrey Schaub reports sent as a mayor Sam the Carter wants all gun owners to carry liability insurance under the mayor's plan existing gun owners would be required to have private liability insurance it would also mean the gun dealers would not be able to sell a weapon to a customer without first knowing that they are covered and we would expect as a result that insurance companies want coverage guide the orders to take safety classes to ensure that the guns they own have child safety locks and perhaps insure that nineteen year olds who are trying to buy semi automatic assault weapons we in fact face very high insurance policy the insurance would include coverage for accidental discharges of a gun in the actions of others to acquire a gun it would be used to compensate the city for the public costs of gun violence like police and fire services not for the injury or death to gun violence victims if enacted by the city council the ordinance would be the first of its kind in America Jeffrey Schaub case CBS a new independent report shows the complaints are up against San Jose police officers KCBS is Scott let's hear you said the independent auditors calling for reform Siobhan Marie the city's independent police auditor told the mercury news that she wants significant changes in the way police track certain behaviors of cops like arrests when they pull their guns and excessive force according to the latest annual report by the office of the independent police auditor a civilian watchdog group police complaints were up twelve percent in twenty eighteen from the previous year many of those complaints came from citizens who said officers pointed their guns at them civil rights attorney John Burris you should in fact track off there's one quote their weapons but we want to know and and want to go back to our why did you call that farm in the first place what was the basis for the so then you can develop some bases and reasons why value way way off the basically following the law follow your own dictated by what should be done yes having the data though is good not being recorded and noted we give our main opportunity to take corrective action only five percent of citizen complaints led to any findings of misconduct from internal affairs solitary KCBS funny I switch the family to.

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