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And weather together every ten minutes on the fives juiston. He's fondue Mannheim on the fifty seven southbound in ball road. We've got a crash and send some slow traffic starting at imperial highway for a five north Ventura boulevard. Off ramp blocked right now looks like you've got a stock car. So that's going to add to your delays on that northbound side in the four zero five in the San Fernando Valley. Ten eastbound at town in Pomona crash. There lanes are cleared except for the backup which begins at the Verde. Let's go to Scott pacificcoasttermite Skype threes over the two Tam between Pasadena and Pasadena right now to ten eastbound loading up right about Rosemead boulevard that will stay slow out through the six zero five. It does pick up around Zeus expects additional slowing at the sandy of is not too bad westbound, but a little bit of slowing into downtown Pasadena over toward the white thirty four and a problem about log each of the four or five camp camp with Brian are southbound side, this is reported right for cherry car to truck got into it. Middle lane is blocked with this lasting indeed in lanes. This is a tough drive already from the one zero five slow all the way down to almost the orange cutting line and northbound just getting word now at Lakewood of a stall this'll be in the fourth lane from the left crashed in the actually still van in the fast track in the ninety one westbound gypsum canyon. And traffic there. Westbound sign starts at the two forty one next report for thirty-five. I'm Denise Bondo with more traffic reports. More often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio some clouds today. Cooler temperatures below average on the seventies and eighties as we head into tomorrow warmer, especially in the valley areas, they pop up first and then more as we go into Friday and the weekend as well. Seventy three degrees now in downtown LA, the city of Pasadena putting up additional fencing on the Colorado street bridge after the fourth suicide this year on the bridge. We're gonna have more in three minutes. It's four twenty seven. The IRS extension deadline is less than two months away. Don't let this be another year that goes un-filed or another balance to to the pile the attorneys at victory tax will give you options to resolve your IRS issue once and for all stop the.

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