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Uh about the threat that alqaeda still poses how isis works in the in the midst of all this the books called the network and it is at isis we need to worry about now is it still al qaeda who is it i think is what terms actor i look uh you know i've been following the rise of this organisation whether recalled alqaida or how hide in iraq and and going back to the year 2000 uh before the nine eleven attack you know isis you can trace it back to abu musab all her khoury who led alqaida in iraq and after his death thin and the radicalization uh of those of military officers in the iraqi army uh which was disbanded after we invaded in two thousand thousand dri uh uh you know those people became radicalised grew a group and then guan alqaida uh safe haven bridge taken away out afghanistan events spread around the world basically there was a rebranding of one element of of alqaeda which without hard into rioting was called isis is going to be called something else within a year you'll be other organization forming end there they you know now really home note territory i in iraq and syria of with the fall of their capital and raka uh you know they they have element in africa they have element in southeast asia uh they have elements in yemen in afghanistan and pakistan another play and this is a generational read i mean you're you're not going to solve this by uh by making new stringent rules about of renting a truck uh death as a generational war of ideas we'll hear more about it next week those if you're lucky enough to be there mike becher will be at the oakland town hall meeting oakland town hall dot org.

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