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Strike a deal if they want to strike a deal. I don't think it's a concession whatsoever. It is a concession. But it's not a cave. It's a concession to say, okay. I'll I'll accept your terms as you wanted in order for us to get a deal. Now, let's see whether you can get a deal. I think one of the problems in the deal that's probably going to be fashioned. Yes. It may include docket may include the temporary protective status. What is not going to deal with is the one legitimate crisis at the border, and that is the families and the unaccompanied children were there and the president has been unwilling to spend money where it's needed in Central America to try to create an atmosphere where those people can't stay where they are rather than having to come to the border. I want to change the subject to the fact that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is talking about the president as an independent and self funded campaign potential spoiler for Democrats. You just heard secretary Houlihan Castro basically plead with jolts not to run. Are you worried about such a race? I'm worried about the funding part. It just further fees into the more money. You have more opportunity you have to buy off government to buy a seat. We see that happen all the time where the people are so funding or getting money from amid mostly mega donors in terms of the debate both political parties have to go out there and debate with the American people so to say that in a democracy. Somebody can't run as an independent because it puts the Democratic Party of Perreault to me is absolute nonsense. The Democratic Party needs to earn those votes earned it. I'm not saying he can't run I'm saying he he shouldn't unless you must realise Donald Trump. It's simple arithmetic. I'm old enough to remember eighteen years ago. Ralph Nader called me up a win had lunch with he said, I'm going to get five or seven percent as a green party candidate, a permanent left party and gore was to have enough votes to win. Ralph arithmetic doesn't work if you run Bush went how run this Trump wins. This. This is a guy who were salivating that Ross Perot would run not at all. I never supported Ross Perot equally from well. Well. There. So there's your point. You're you're you're saying that Schultz would take from from from the from the left. I am. I'm not sure that's true. Any more than any more than we were concerned that that Ross Perot was gonna take from George Bush turned out. He didn't pollute from both sides because they were illuminations. Both. Arbitrate both parties are private clubs. Let's understand this. The American people need to understand this. Now, mathematically, the Democrats will have a challenge. But this is about the microscope. Earning the vote. Vote and don't be afraid or have a conversation with miss the show. Run shuttle Milan. But to totally just publican primary. That's where I'd like him to run the money where it can count. But he shouldn't be able to buy. I mean, he his example in lies the problem in this country that people can buy also speaking of running Senator Comal Harris democratic California, she's going to formally announce her candidacy this afternoon, this speech, it will embrace the conciliatory tone of the two thousand twenty primary embracing her pass, but also apologizing for some of it even in an excerpt. He's going to say if I have the honour being your president..

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