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Story yet you in capital region dot org slash evidence it's one eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks on the capital beltway we had been moving pretty well we now have a new issue on the prince George's county site along the inner loop as you're heading south bound well past route one ten North Avenue that's where you'll hit the brakes now that delay takes you beyond the Baltimore Washington parkway toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge right over top of the good luck road overpass that's where you're going to find the right side of the roadway block we've got one into the woods and a lot of response on scene the better news is your breakaway point no real slow downs anywhere else in prince George's county on the beltway now the outer loop leaving Montgomery County across the American Legion bridge the work crews still blocks the right lane before and across the bridge the right lane before is a bumper or buffer if you will for those coming off of the Clara Barton park where they have emerged lane so no real delays currently we're definitely keeping an eye on it in Virginia on ninety five running north town were slow through Newington toward the Springfield interchange the word is mobile patching and the word is they should be on the shoulder westbound sixty six near not leave the workers in the left lane twenty eight if you're running southbound towards sixty six in Centerville you got a delay to get to the exit the left section one of the left lane is blocked with the works and that takes you onto the ramp a single lane to go east bound on sixty six a plus service experts in northern Virginia and southern Maryland H. back row they're now offering fifty dollars off seasonal tune ups Khalid six six expert or visit a plus that's H. back dot com for license details married to pump WGP traffic expect a few more showers as we continue right on through your Tuesday but temperatures are on the mild side we continue to see temperatures in the fifties and.

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