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A their translation. Because you know you know what we do. White men we. We try to force religion on other people house trend so min the authors said indigenous people to the area were essentially isolated. Didn't know anybody else until nineteen sixteen. When a mining engineer named robert flaherty was shipwrecked and spent winters in the island. And i a winter in the island and this is what would happen to when they were sailing and stuff like that. It was a shit show like especially when they started delivering stuff. The hudson bay because it is close enough where they were trying to get hudson bay and you deliver for trade going on at the time you know what i mean. Paper money didn't exist was gold and shit like that. So you had people getting shipwrecked all the time. Because it's fucking shit show when he got like fucking commonly shire's and yeah lots of ice now. They're all gone and we're gonna die. One day. I i'm sad about the polar bears. I know i feel bad about the pull though if you're black you attack. Sounds bad if they're brown. You lay down if they're white you're going to die. That's the polar bear analogy. The bears approach pretty good boys. Though i'll cake probably pretty good if you just make a treat or something he produced. I think Millman produced the famous documentary nook over the north which she showed the lives of native people in a manner that was somewhat fictionalized kind of racist quotations. Look up and he just he just wandered into this. Foreign land is gonna fucking write a book. So they've been they've been brought over a bible and they're getting taught because noah canadians did we didn't really we did have the slave trade with blacks and stuff like that but we'll we more or less did was try to change native people indigenous people. We tried to influence our thing we brainwash them in residential schools in talk. The beat them if they didn't speak english but we talked about much before that we're we're literally on their land. Yes and then. We gave them a little corner and we said here you go that's yours. We won't employers. Can't everyone harmony. Except the spanish didn't come in with harmony and near the a lot of the english but i blame. The spain already came in with harmony back in the eighteen early nineteen hundreds people were fucking vicious with a bible in quoting the bible in like having in you. It's like the wanted like you've got to learn to fucking bible man like an free debt right so on one night. During the bleak season of a spectacular meteoric shower illuminated the skies. One man twenty-seven-year-old. Charlie iraq connected the celestial event with the pass passage from matthew the stalls fall from the sky. And you will see the son of man coming his interpretation soon it would be the end of the world for the influence. It's scary that everybody likes to put their own spin and this we've talked about this on the map stereo episode people get crazy. They learned some. They're like the white man saying this must be true. Charlie iraq announced that he was. Jesus jesus i say to search you call the white man set and you're white and he only white men ever born in the middle east and the community. He was the community's best. And the community's best hunter peter sala was god so this guy's like lodden. Jesus and i'm dad weren't even i was going to do jesus i already did. A they gained acolytes and ordered to an ordered. The sled dogs be killed. Someone they use constantly so yeah so because soon everyone would be able to fly. He's like we all need these dogs anymore. Why you killing them. You'll be able to fly. Let the dogs loose. Your jesus and god where you murdering things. Now they want to kill the you can fly one day. We're not gonna need this exactly. You don't need it they go little fling you you kill the dog and you look chinese. Do chinese got some right. He just joking. Gave the only good thing i've ever heard about chinese them. Skinning and killing cats. Don't you dare tugboat madogre. That will turn right back on. You love dogs. They're all i'm gonna dog boys and katz fucking god damn line. That's technically a cat. It's a cat that's like a dog and he's a good boy to lyons the only reason we have like domestic cats nowadays is because someone bread with lions and tigers and he's kept breeding and smaller as neighbors talks came from walls. But okay that's true. Yeah and wolves are fantastic and tigers are fantastic and lions are fintan drag your skinny acid to a cave and be fucking very home. The leader of the wolves. They'd call me dad dot so so unbelievable and the unbelievers too would be killed eventually if they tested case. So don't you dare test test me. So salah peterson law sister four. Some of the islanders the takeoff through close clothes in order to greet the end of the world. Six died of exposure by the time fucking mace on called. It ran. its course and nine you. It's have perished. We'll get into it but she was like only nine. You know what you don't wanna fuck a dog. Whip is like when they whip the dogs lights for. Yeah no. that's not a dog. A horse with its ten is because these things would crack in a fucking pistol a a right horses original and these things were so powerful. A you'd like dogs without is in ears and shit because they crack the weapon in contact with them so this woman was like cracking the whip and being like fucking rolls these chooses these god. He's cracking the whip and she was grabbing the peter. The guy believe god. His sister like was like meet the end and was forcing people out on the ice. We'll get more of that later. But as the fact that it was so intense and that they really believe this shit. All of a sudden like mass hysteria like it seems like they just fucking went crazy so blending all the new religion. Peter told his fellow were islanders that even if he looked the same on the outside on the inside he was god. The believed that in every nature people were gods. Animals ause rocks. Were gods rains regard. Hey you're a good with people and animals and also the this rock this could you know that. What did you know that. Even even people in indigent people believe that poo poo is. They believe.

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