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Back with Mark and Rob. So this past Friday just this past Friday. I'm talking three days ago this past Friday, the Pentagon told The New York Post that they were. The Department of Defense had confirmed that official had signed an order that would seek over 19 vaccinations offered to all detainees and prisoners at Gitmo. This is what they want. Yeah, So I'm just I'm saying that the Pentagon told the New York Post on Friday, the Department of Defense officials had signed an order that would make sure all the detainees in prisoners at Gitmo were offered vaccinations. I see you saying Time out, Emphatic time out, Emphatic time. Emphatic time out here. You have so many questions because Gitmo was where the terrorists are at, right? Yes, that's correct. In fact, the most famous of them all. KSM Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is there the hairy guy with the T shirt? Well, I mean, And to be fair. There are prettier. Okay, so these are not American terrorists at a base in Cuba right off the coast of keep off the coast of Cuba, and most of these guys are not over the age of 65. I don't know about that. They're not frontline emergency healthcare workers. No, they're definitely not that. Okay, So we were told that for an American to get the shot. Now some states is going down to 65. But 70/70 and or a health care worker. These people are neither of those. And they're also terrorists, and they're gonna get the shots before Americans. That's what it was looking like on Friday, and that is what the Pentagon told The New York Post on Friday. But when the New York Post ran the story there wa some backlash. Kidding. I know it's so weird, and in fact, there was a retired FAA official from Massachusetts who just bull lasted this decision and said, I haven't got a shot yet. And I'm 75. Our country has lost our collective mind. And so with that, and with a lot of other backlash because it was swift and fierce. Then all of a sudden, the Biden administration decided to walk back that plan, and, in fact, a Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby tweeted on Saturday and I quote No Guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated and we are pausing the plan toe move forward as we review force protection protocols. We remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops safe. It doesn't matter whether you walk to plan back. The fact is, that was that was the plan. This is why I hate government. This is why I mean, why are you so tightly wound when it comes to government? Because of crap like this. Someone thought like the idea you could even fathom. Let's give the terrorists the shot before our own citizens. Okay? Someone came up with that. I don't even I don't know how that idea gets invented, like I guess because of the people that guard them, and that is the only thing that you know when I try really hard to get into the minds of the people that made this decision. The on Lee thing I can come up with is that they were like, Wow, Our troops are the ones that are manning that That prison and so they need to be kept safe from the terrorists. So we'll vaccinate the terrorists. Even you don't believe that court. Well, I mean, I don't believe it's a good idea, but you don't even believe that there's they sympathize with those people and wanted them to have the vaccine. Well, that's the dad's problem because of you cared about the troops given to the troops. I know this is a vaccine and and there on an island by themselves, like if you were thinking people who might be safe from covert hello. The prevalence of putting them on the island is to keep them away. From everyone. But this is this is liberalism. Right? This is big government. This is who the Biden administration is They value the lives of terrorists over American citizens say their names. You kidding? I mean, there's a CORI Bush wanted, including Cori Bush is African American, one of the white supremacist named to be said like a real one. Not just like Trump voters literally like that's why he was on the death row. He was a white supremacist. This is the point of it, Z. It's the same thing that's going to happen at the border. It's the same thing that's going to happen everywhere, everyone but American citizens will be put first. Yeah, and you want to hear a staff? It's just gonna be. Oh, it's gonna make you crazy Stop! I have to tell you the U. S government, which means us has spent Ah $161.5 million Housing colleagues. Shake shake Mohammed House has him. How is that even though he's on an island, it wasn't it cost a lot to have the island and him specifically, is cost 161 and a half million dollars. That's what we've spent on that guy since he murdered American. How was that guy's still living like there's no doubt he did it. He owns that. He did it. I know you don't know what What are we waiting on? I don't know. But I knew that that would make you crazy. I just had to tell you it's a great time to get a great deal on a new.

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